Our covergirl Sri Lankan born Sheree Atcheson was voted one of UK’s Top 35 Most Influential Women in Tech 2017. Sheree is also credited with founding the ‘Women Who Code’ organisation in Belfast and is their UK Expansion Director. Adopted by a Belfast couple when she was an infant, Sheree returned to Sri Lanka and connected with her birth mother and was then motivated to launch the ‘I Am Lanka’ organization which aims to highlight other Sri Lankans who are role models.

Sheree is on a mission to get more women involved in the IT industry and is working to eradicate gender bias in the industry. Sheree is an inspiration who leads from the front.

A name that is synonymous with the arts, our legend in this issue is Lionel Wendt who bequeathed a legacy to Sri Lanka that is unsurpassed. A pianist and photographer of great repute, Lionel Wendt was the founder of the famed ‘43 Group, a coterie of talented artists who set the stage for the arts in the island. Lionel Wendt was the ultimate renaissance man of his era, arguably responsible for creating a modernist movement in the country.
Continuing on their journey to introduce the sarong to the world, Lovi Ceylon launched their new collection to much acclaim at TexWorld Paris during the Paris Fashion Week.

We are also proud to feature Tsunami orphans Rob and Paul Forkan aka the Gandy Brothers who turned tragedy into triumph and established the Orphans for Orphans charity through which they built an orphanage in Sri Lanka.
As we come to the end of another successful year, the Hi!! team join me in wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.