Our covergirl, Anne-Marie Mediwake is the vivacious co-host of CTV’s Your Morning programme. Of British and Sri Lankan heritage, Anne – Marie moved to Canada as a young child with her family. Despite wanting to study law, Anne-Marie realized her strengths were more in tune with a career as a journalist. She started out at a local cable TV station and moved up the ranks to her current position as co-host on Your Morning, one of Canada’s most watched morning shows.

Anne-Marie has covered a range of events, from the Asian Tsunami which brought her back to the country of her birth to two Royal weddings and interviews with countless celebrities and world leaders. Her most recent assignment being the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan at Windsor. A bi-racial women herself, Anne-Marie is a shining example of one who has reached the pinnacle of her career through hard work. We are also proud to feature chef Rishi Naleendra, who gave up his studies in architecture to follow his passion for cuisine which paid dividends when he became the first Sri Lankan chef to be awarded a Michelin star, the ultimate accolade in the culinary world.

We also feature Vikum Rajapakse and Nadishan Shanthikumar who shunned lucrative careers as finance professionals in order to realize their aspirations of launching their own business. The duo launched Kantala, a business that employ traditional artisans to create bags from Hana leaves. A sustainable brand with a strong focus on its eco credentials. Kantala has the distinction of being Sri Lanka’s only PETA Approved Vegan fashion accessories brand.
Drawn together by their love of fashion, Shyamali Perera, Sarah Mutaher and Shamalka Dayawansa are the formidable trio behind Aarya and Ayathi, two fashion stores with distinct identities. Inspired by their travels around Asia their creations convey a look of understated elegance with a sophisticated vibe.
Our legend in this issue is Kamal Chunchie who was a gallant soldier, Minister and the Founder of the Coloured Men’s Institute. Tracing his origins to Kandy, this little known hero from Ceylon campaigned for the rights of Black and Asian Minorities in East London at the end of WW1.

This year we celebrate a momentous occasion as Hi!! celebrates our 15th anniversary. We are proud to be Sri Lanka’s premier society magazine leading the way in our own inimitable style.