Sixteen year old Talin Silva, is a gifted singer, dancer and actress. Of Sri Lankan origin based in Los Angeles, she is now shifting from acting and dancing to her first love, singing, Talin has signed up with Parimore Entertainment and is finishing
her EP “Right Now” which will be released soon.

She is also in talks with Disney and will soon reveal her plans once the deal has been signed. Philosopher, Metaphysician and Art Historian
Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy, was the son of Sir Mutu Coomaraswamy, the first Tamil Knight of Ceylon. Born in Ceylon and raised in England,
Ananda’s finest contribution to Sri Lankan art is his comprehensive tome, Mediaeval Sinhalese Art, documenting an in-depth study of the
indigenous arts and crafts of the island.

We are proud to feature the founder of Colombo Fashion Week, Ajai Vir
Singh hailed as the God Father of fashion in Sri Lanka. The 14th edition
of Colombo Fashion Week is in March this year. Hi!! congratulates Akram
Cassim and Colombo Jewellery Stores on celebrating 95 years of excellence,
adding glitter, glamour and sparkle to Colombo society!