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Stay Beautiful and as Cool as a Cucumber During the Heat!

Trying to maintain a fresh flawless look in a tropical climate can be exasperating when temperatures soar and the air is hot and humid. However, adapting your beauty routine according to the weather can be easy and less frustrating with these valuable practical tips!


Whether indoors or outside, the number one rule for having squeaky clean skin is to stay hydrated. A stifling hot atmosphere will quickly remove moisture from your body so you really do need to replenish both water and essential salts. Drinking plenty of refreshing coconut water which is more hydrating than plain water and fruit juices, and is a natural source of vitamins and minerals, is vital. You should also avoid clogging up pores with lots of moisturisers, thick creams and makeup if your skin is particularly dry during the hot season.

EXPERT TIP: To cool down, close up large pores and to prevent your makeup from melting, gently massage an ice cube over your entire face for a couple of seconds before patting dry your skin.


You should wear less liquid foundation when it's sweltering hot and avoid thick formulas too so as not to clog pores. Applying tinted BB creams, (although not likely to be long-lasting) or just a light natural-looking matte powder foundation with SPF protection will make your complexion look much fresher than layers and layers of heavy makeup, and give it a healthy radiance.

Before applying primer or makeup, use an oil-free untinted moisturiser. Then simply use a powder buffing brush to set the foundation between the brows, around the nose and chin. Beauty blender sponges work best for applying light layers of sheer foundation and for removing excess makeup. For a quick revival of your makeup, use a refreshing facial mist to revitalise skin and, lastly, cosmetic blotting paper to absorb oil and shine.

EXPERT TIP: Keep a retractable lip brush loaded with concealer in your bag for on-the-go touch-ups.


Add a little warmth and a tinge of colour to your skin by using powder bronzer to enhance your features. A beautiful natural contoured look is incredibly easy to achieve by blending varying shades over areas of your face.

With a blender brush, sweep the bronzer across the forehead from temple to temple making sure to tap off any excess powder before you begin. Then contour your cheekbones by sucking in your cheeks and gently blending the powder outwards from the ear using tiny circular brushstrokes. Continue sweeping the bronzer along the edge of your jawline, stopping at your chin for a more defined look. Finally, use a smaller brush to dust the sides and the tip of your nose.

Use a highlighter on areas not covered by the bronzer such as just above and below the eyebrows, under the eyes, the centre of your chin and above your lips.

Always blend blusher up and out along then plumpest area of your cheek which is the apple, following the contours of your face. A powder blusher will typically last longer than a cream but keep in mind, the best place to put it depends on the shape of your face.

EXPERT TIP: Sweep a little bronzer over your neck and earlobes for a perfect sun-kissed look!


Beat the heat and redefine your total makeover in minutes when fixing your peepers. For longer-lasting eyeshadow, smooth on an eye primer before applying or, for the ultimate staying-power, apply a non-creasing cream shadow under a powder shadow so it stays put and looks more intensified.

Eyeliners should be smudge-proof and a good brow pencil can transform sad, sparse brows into full, thick, and perfectly-defined arches. Don't overdo the mascara and make sure it is waterproof.

EXPERT TIP: Apply your regular pencil or eyeliner, then use a small angled brush to press a dark shadow over the liner to set it for longer wear.


From soft matte nude shades to a touch of tinted gloss, going for more sheer or natural-looking colours will be enough to enhance your lips in the clammy heat. Use a tinted lip balm with SPF before applying other cosmetics. In hot climates, lipsticks can smear and bleed more easily but an 'invisible' lip liner can stop this from happening. You can also cover and fill in your lips with a liner before applying a lipstick/gloss. This will leave you with colourful lips long after your lipstick/gloss has rubbed off.

EXPERT TIP: Always blot your lips with clean tissue paper and re-apply your lipstick/gloss to increase longevity.


Lorraine Cattell

Lorraine Cattell (Eyre) is a renowned international British Fashion Journalist. Her articles & interviews appear regularly in magazines & online across the globe.


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