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Words: Tina Edward Gunawardhana

 “ Ever since I was young, I would always look forward to wearing traditional clothing, there is just something so timeless and elegant about saris.” - Piriya Suresparan


 “ The most feminine I could feel is in a sari. Actually people think it takes ages to pleat and wear a sari and with so much fabric going around it might not be comfortable, but it’s quite the opposite. With a bit of practice two minutes is enough to drape a saree and it is actually very comfortable compared to jeans. “ - Banuja Balendran


“ I’ve grown up around women who wear saris and became sari-obsessed from a young age. I wanted to grow up quickly just so that I could wear one! I’ve seen how powerful and confident it can make women feel, irrespective of their body type, skin tone and ethnicity.  There is  something about the way it compliments every woman. It makes me feel my best and will always be my preferred choice over a dress. Wearing a Barefoot pink sari from  Sri Lanka was what caught my husband’s eye over 11 years ago so it’s always going to be a winner!” - Shalomi Nirmalan


“The saree is part of my culture and my roots. It’s a beautiful way to express myself in so many ways, as every saree speaks differently. I wear it to represent my origin as well as beauty. “- Soozana Pvan


 “ If I was to choose an attire that makes me feel the most confident, it would have to be a sari. It just hugs all the right parts of my body!” - Julia Arul


“ The saree has draped many women. Like goddess Durga who defeated the demons, a saree makes me feel so graceful yet so powerful.” – Thurga Ratnarupan


“ I favour wearing the sari because it is part of my identity and culture I belong to. I grew up seeing my mother wear it and since then I’ve always been keen to wear it with so much pride and carry it confidently like no other.” - Shakira Wahab

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Tina Edward Gunawardhana

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