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A Sound Remedy For Your Digital Adventure!

In today’s day and age, we are extremely reliant on technology, in regards to most of our everyday tasks. Especially due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have gotten accustomed to taking online lectures, running our businesses on social platforms, etc. When it comes to running your own business, "e-commerce" is considered a very vital function as, nowadays, this is the most commonly used tool to reach out to your consumers! That being said, we've got an all-new & reliable digital agency that'll meet up all your requirements just the way you like it!

Introducing "Nexie Labs" - a digital agency with global capabilities across web design and development, marketing, and branding! They are available to provide you with all your e-commerce and digitated solutions and will create digital experiences that are human-centered and future proof! 

In addition, Nexie Labs will be conducting a new launch very soon and we were able to obtain some laudable details!

We at Hi!! Online were able to contact Gayan Virantha Perera, CEO of Nexie Labs, who furnished us with a profound perspicacity about the business and its aids & services;

1. What is "Nexie Labs"?

 In simple words, Nexie Labs is a digital agency with global capabilities in providing solutions, with a consulting-led approach that fuels innovation and business efficiency. We are a young, passionate team of 6 who have formulized strategies to take over the industry in the years to come. We started Nexie Labs because, at present, companies depend more on technology compared to the early days. No matter how simple a specific requirement sounds, they don’t get the proper consultation to satisfy their expectations. We call ourselves 'unique' because we approach rather complex problems while having the aim to produce client-centric solutions for our customers. 

2. What services does your company offer?

As of now, we offer high-performing website development for any business, digital marketing consultation that will transform leads into loyal customers along with digital transformation/automation to grow efficiency in any organization. Currently, we are developing an inventory management system that will be available for use for all types of businesses and we plan to introduce this solution to all industries at an affordable price. 

Nexie Labs is a company where everyone is welcome! No matter what stage the clients are in (whether it is a startup in the ideation stage or a well-established business) we will be more than willing to provide them with the best services they require.

3. How has your customer experience been so far?

We consider every customer of ours a new experience. We have experience working with both small & medium-sized entities (SMEs) and passionate startups that are based around Sri Lanka as well as in foreign lands.

4. Brief us a bit about your Mission, Vision, and core values of the company.

Our Mission is to 'Empower the customer’s simplest idea into a massive sequel and conquer extraordinary with talent'.

Our Vision is 'To deliver innovative and digitized solutions to improve business productivity'.

Our Core Values of the company are Integrity, Simplicity, Innovation, and Customer Focus. 

5. You mentioned that a new launch will be taking place anytime soon! Tell us about it.

We are launching a revolutionary product that will add value and enhance the process of events happening worldwide. This will be called 'Chimp Events' and it will be the most productive event facilitation solution created so far! 

At some point in our lives, most of us have attended seminars, lectures, conferences, corporate events, panel discussions, or a similar type of event as a spectator or a participant. From our perspective, the success or effectiveness of an event should not be determined by the number of people who participate. It should be set on the outcome of the event and whether its audience is satisfied with the delivery.

This requires a lot of planning; from structuring the content delivery to making the audience interact during sessions. With Chimp Events, a successful event will only be a few clicks away! Chimp events include features that will help connect the audience with the speakers/moderators more efficiently!

6. How does the future look like for Nexie Labs? Where do you want to see your company in the next five years? 

At Nexie Labs, we are motivated by milestones.

Our goal is to make our company a leader in an industry that people will love to be a part of while experiencing it. We are now in the process of expanding; hopefully, to become twice as large as we are now.

7. Any final words of advice for young and new entrepreneurs? 

If you feel like you have a million-dollar idea, trust your guts and try it out now! Or else, you are going to regret it!


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