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Fill Up Your Pooch’s Christmas Stockings!

Exchanging gifts on Christmas encompasses of a certain complexity that remains acknowledged yet uncommunicated. While strolling through endless isles filled to the brim with possibilities can be overwhelming, the sheer excitement of handing over the gift to your loved one can be ambrosial. There is nothing quite like the thrill of stuffing a Christmas stocking or the base of a beautifully adorned Christmas tree with goodies for your loved ones.

Sadly, while “loved ones” typically comprises of friends and family, it tends to bench a certain four legged family member who peaks in loving licks and excited wags of their tail.

Of course, pooches don’t really understand the concept of Christmas nor do they have a care for Christmas traditions, so why should they partake in it? Well, much like a toddler who understands very little of the concept of Christmas and cares not for tradition, a pooch’s inclusion in Christmas celebrations has to do with their acceptance into a family as a cherished family member.

What better way to officially accept your pooch into your family than bestowing them with their own Christmas Stocking? Of course, the tricky part might be what to stuff it with.

Well, look no further! We introduce to you - Embark, a brand well-known for its stand on animal welfare and its compassion towards street pooches.

Embark was initiated in 2007 by Otara Gunewardene as a means of emphasising the worth of street pooches and finding them loving homes. In order to fund their operations, Embark eagerly expanded to the fashion industry which actively sells merchandise by adapting the concept of Embark into a unique fashion icon.

Besides its infamous knack for trends and style, Embark is also famed for their impressive collection of goodies for pooches. From studded collars and grooming brushes to toy frisbees and dog beds, Embark enthusiastically offers a variety of goods that are specially crafted with the key requirements of pooches kept in mind.

Much like the endless possibilities encountered during a Christmas shopping spree, Embark has countless products available for your darling pooch, each of which have been carefully manufactured with the sole intention of providing comfort or the sense of luxury that they truly deserve.

Generally, getting your hands on goods such as these would have been quite a task. Well, having to travel all the way to a singular outlet located far from your home is no longer a concern.

Embark has conveniently eliminated any lack of availability by resourcefully scattering 11 of its stores around Sri Lanka, namely in Kandy, Nugegoda, Colombo, Ja-Ela, Matara, Kurunegala, Galle, Kadawatha and even at the Bandaranaike International Airport! This way, wherever you may reside, there is likely an outlet close to your home.

Further, Embark has trekked the extra mile to take into account the digital advances and your comfort in regards to making purchases. So here’s what takes the cake - Embark has collaborated with Daraz to enable online purchases for their merchandise, which includes T-shirts, footwear, caps etc. In turn, delivery island wide delivery is provided to all of Sri Lanka’s compassionate citizens. Hence, the ability to fund their amazing charity work is now right at the touch of your fingertips.

So there it is. A brand dedicated to providing products that are true to the requirements of your beloved pooch at your convenience; and it’s store which happens to be just the place for you to obtain the best Christmas gifts available for your loving pooch.

Fair warning - they might not fit in the Christmas Stocking.


Ninuri Asalya

Marketeer by day and writer by night, Ninuri would juggle her two passions on a routine basis. The universe's best gift to her was when she was bestowed with the opportunity to do both, simultaneously, for HI!!. Now, she writes reviews of companies, brands and persons as a means of marketing their unique characteristics and values, hence "living the life" by remaining faithful to her passions.


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