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Treat Your Pet This Christmas!

As Christmas draws closer, tradition becomes exceedingly resound. Its mellow demand to gift your loved ones with memories and presents, is only too real. However, the merriment etched on their faces when their present is dug up from torn shreds of red and green wrapping paper, conjures an indescribable sense of happiness that you will treasure in your heart forever.

Amidst it all, your beloved pooch would wag their tail and your darling cat would let out a purr while they simultaneously watch your glee from the sidelines.

The ease of pleasing a pet has desensitised the majority from the fact that they can experience joy beyond a pat on the head or a belly rub. Of course, we can’t understand their woofs and meows so how should we know what they’d like for Christmas?

Well, maybe the way to their heart had been through their belly all along.

Pet food, the ultimate savior of mankind. Food so good that all it takes is a crinkle of the packet for any pet to come running from any direction! Best part is, there’s no preparation required - consider your energy and time saved.

Food for thought - Christmas encourages you to get your loved ones the best there is, so why not get your pet the best pet food you can get your hands on? However, like how often the perfect gift for your best friend is beyond your reach, the best pet food might not be as easily accessible.

Except - it is.

I introduce to you, our very own Christmas Miracle - Petmart, an authorised provider of 8 internationally trusted German brands, including Happy Dog, Happy Cat, ZooRoyal, and Trixie.

The essence of Petmart traces back to just over a year ago, when its co-founders lived overseas. They would purchase pet food while they were still abroad upon the request of many of their beloved friends and family in Sri Lanka. When they’d return and hand over the goods, everyone’s expressions of sheer excitement to feed their loving pets nutritious food and treats was a wonderful sight to witness. This was all in debt to the fact that they wanted the best food they could get for their pets.

Petmart has conveniently eliminated the need for importation of quality pet food by becoming an authorised provider in Sri Lanka. Unlike the hassle that was previously endured, quality pet food from internationally trusted German brands are now right here within your reach.

Whether you choose to place an order through their website, their instagram account, or even at their physical store at Nawala, you are guaranteed to receive top quality products that your pet is guaranteed to love and adore. And here’s the cherry on top - wherever your residence maybe, Petmart will deliver the items right to your doorstep.

Similar to how we juggle a variety of food for consumption per day, giving your pet the same food on a daily basis is a choice. Pets,too, deserve to experience the joy of an alternative meal. Petmart offers you and your pet the luxury of choice through their array of pet food that ranges from kibble and canned wet food to various gourmet treats, catnip bites and dog chocolate [Yes, that’s right - they have dog chocolate ] that are delicious and a 100% healthy for your pet.

Amidst the factors of quality, global recognition and convenience, Petmart has one final Christmas gift to offer you, and that is, seasonal discounts. Now, you can get your pet the best quality pet food available in Sri Lanka for amazing prices! What more convincing need there be?

Before you hurry off to check out Petmart, I have one last picture to paint you.

Christmas carols hum the air while anticipation and excitement blankets the atmosphere. A certain 4 legged family member is seated at your side as all your loved ones circle the magnificence that is your Christmas tree. You reach down and pick up a package of red and green with a big red bow topping its glory. A few quick jerks and a pile of shredded paper later, a bundle consisting of numerous packets of delicious goodness emerges. You turn to your pet as you rip open a single packet, and serve it to the bowl by their feet. You watch their glee, for a change, as they accept their Christmas gift in utter delight.


Ninuri Asalya

Marketeer by day and writer by night, Ninuri would juggle her two passions on a routine basis. The universe's best gift to her was when she was bestowed with the opportunity to do both, simultaneously, for HI!!. Now, she writes reviews of companies, brands and persons as a means of marketing their unique characteristics and values, hence "living the life" by remaining faithful to her passions.


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