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Nai Miris Sauce by IslandMom: A review!

Spice is loved by all Sri Lankans. For us, spicier, the better. Miris by IslandMom is a homegrown brand that is also the home of the delicious Nai Miris sauce that is loved by many. With no artificial preservatives and flavourings, the sauces are 100% natural. Islandmom lives by products that have low shelf as they have no chemicals to preserve and the nai miris sauces can be used upto 3 months.

They currently have three products; Nai Miris Fiery sauce-Level Hot, Nai Miris Fiery Sauce- Level Exxtreme and their newest additions to the Miris family, Nai Miris Chilli Jam! (Who would’ve thought?)

I tried out both sauces and read on to find out how it went!

Nai Miris Sauce ft. chicken wings

My go-to pairing was chicken wings. After a long wait of 15 minutes, my wings finally arrived. It was a small party once the two bottles of sauce opened. The flavour of Miris and other ingredients were very strong in Hot while Exxtreme was a little spicier so while the flavour was strong, it was not as prominent as Hot. It was an amazing pairing; the flavours blended perfectly. I wish the consistency was a bit better because it was a little hard to keep the sauce on the crispy coat of the chicken.


Fried Nai Miris Chicken

Once my mom (who LOVES nai miris) got hold of the jars, she used it as an ingredient as well. She added a few tablespoons of the Hot sauce to her signature fried chicken. The result was a mind-blowingly delicious dish that will leave you in tears (literally). She paired it with steamed rice and the blend of flavours was perfect.


Nai Miris Sauce ft Rice

This is an experimental pairing. I added a bit of sauce on the side of my lunch. It certainly added that tangy kick to the rice which enhanced the flavours of the other dishes. It was a good combination. My favourite sauce to combine was Level Hot. For me, Exxtreme was a bit too hot to handle with rice but it would make a good combination for those with higher tolerance levels.


Nai Miris Sauce ft Pol Roti

This was the bomb. A literal explosion of flavour in your mouth. The slightly sweet coconut in the roti and the flavour of the sauce was mindblowing. This is a must-try when you get your hands on Nai Miris by Islandmom. I liked both sauces equally with roti and it is my favourite combination.


What I loved most about the sauces were how versatile it is. I used it as a dip, spread and an ingredient and all pairings worked wonders. I tried both sauces with friends and family and most of them (myself included) loved the Level Hot because you can taste all the flavours of the ingredients and the hotness level is perfect. Level Exxtreme on the other hand, had a wonderful combination of flavour but the hotness level slightly interfered with it. (Although, it was loved by the major spice fans). The best part of both sauces is the delicious aroma of spices, nai miris and other ingredients.

Thank you Islandmom to sending over your delicious sauces to Hi!!.


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