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The Yummiest Crèmes and Calories

So, about a couple of months ago, I stumbled on to this Instagram page by the name “@lacremeceylon”. Rashmika Mahanama Liyanage is the founder of these amazing bottles of crème which are desserts that are said to have a texture smoother than custard or mousse. They initally came in 5 flavors, later 6 and had me craving for it ever since. With time, I saw meringues, swiss rolls, profiteroles, éclairs and other yummy treats added on to the menu. After months of craving, I finally managed to do a bit of a taste test and let me tell you, YOU’VE BEEN MISSING OUT! 

Here’s what I tried

  • Vanilla Crème – LKR 450 (250ml)

This was very similar to a crème brûlée, but so much smoother. It melts right into your mouth and I definitely want more of this. The caramelized sugar on top added the perfect crunch to compliment the smoothness of the crème.

  • Caramel Crème – LKR 450 (250ml)

As a child, if you liked the sweet taste of those classic 2 rupee Alpenliebe toffees, this bottle of crème is just for you. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of this, but my mom seemed to have enjoyed every bit of crème this bottle had to offer.

  • Passion fruit Panna Cotta – LKR 450 (250ml)

This was amazing at the start, but if you make the mistake of finishing the Passion fruit topping in the first few scoops like I did, you are left with the plain taste of Panna Cotta which personally, I am not a big fan of. Be smart and MIX THE TOPPING! 

  • Strawberry Meringue – LKR 375

Now this is worth every rupee spent! It is quite big and has the right level of crunch and sweet. When the filling strikes your palette alongside the strawberry, oh sweet lord! The meringue is soft enough to melt easily into your mouth, but crunchy enough to not create a mess with crumbs. This is what your dream meringue would taste like, if you had one of course.

  • Ice Cream Cake – LKR 250 (1 piece)

With a thin layer of cake at the bottom, you get a layer of Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla ice cream to top the cake off. This is perfect for when you’re deciding between cake and Ice cream. Why not have it all? Here’s a tip: Pre order a whole cake because one bite of this and you’re going to wish you got yourself more than just one piece. I know I did.

  • Marshmallow – LKR 400 (1 batch)

Unlike our supermarket marshmallows, these are much prettier to look at. A mix of pink and blue hues, it’s heart breaking to eat. Once you do have a bite though, the rose flavored fluffy goodness will be what you compare most marshmallows to.

  • Chocolate Cake – LKR 1,450 (1LB)

As a huge chocolate cake fan, myself, this is a must try! It’s soft and fresh and rich in chocolate. However, I think the taste of chocolate was slightly overwhelming, so pair it up with some ice cream if you think so too.

Want to order? Here’s how you can do it.

Place your order for desserts, Ice cream cakes, and cakes 48 hours prior to when you’re going to need it. The rest of the products can be bought off the shelves. You have the option of getting the readily available products through Uber Eats. Sometimes, if you’re lucky enough you might find pieces of Ice cream cake and chocolate cake readily available too. On that note, follow their Instagram posts and stories to keep yourself updated. Apart from that, you have the option of getting it delivered to your doorstep or having it picked up from Rosmead Place. While most places have a minimum quantity amount, La crème has a minimum quantity of one unit. They also have a customer service that deserves 5/5 stars.

Now if you haven’t had a taste of what La Crème Ceylon has to offer, it’s time you slide into their DMs and make that order or just find them on Uber Eats. They’re affordable and taste amazing. What more could a dessert fanatic want?


Amra Yooseph

Amra is a full time sustainability auditor who makes time to follow her passion in journalism as a part time writer and presenter. Something she loves doing is meeting people and learning what their outlook on a given situation is. She also happens to be a big foodie and is always down for a good meal.


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