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A New Face for Make-up Extravaganza: BLENDSBYA

It's awe-inspiring to witness the wonders of make-up! We attempt to observe, make sense of what these artists have created and how they have done it in order to comprehend the ideologies and concepts they have depicted through their looks. Being a very small island, it was very surprising to come across our own talented individuals who have taken the bold step of creating a world full of color. Through their brushes and puffs they’ve been able to channel their inner creativity and fearlessly bring their personalities forward to the outer world!

Anisha Kamalgoda is one such story from Colombo's most sensational, color-crazed young make-up artists who has strived to make a difference using the art of make-up!

A 19 year old Anime fan who studied BTEC Hospitality at Ladies’ College, Anisha has been running her make-up page for the past two years! She’s mostly up in her room either painting or experimenting with vivid make-up looks which she shares with her Instagram or TikTok fans via socials later on.


1. We've seen some really amazing make-up looks from you via your Instagram page @blendsbya; what or who inspired you to go for such looks? How did you learn to master it so well?

My looks are mostly influenced by the work of other makeup artists. My looks are mostly influenced by the work of other makeup artists. I first heard of James Charles when I was about 15 years old, just before he released his Palette. The looks he created and the way he used vibrant colors in his looks inspired me, leading me to discover other makeup artists such as Abby Roberts, Payton, Rowi Singh, and so on. I also noticed that only a few Sri Lankans attempted ‘crazy' looks. Even though I was scared, with the support of my friends, I just went for it and created ‘blendsbya’.

I wouldn’t say I’ve mastered the art of makeup. I just practiced a lot while watching a lot of videos before I started my page; Learning from every blend. My first few looks were not so great, and they were only seen by my friends, but after a while I just got the hang of it. I kind of relate creating looks to painting on a canvas. When creating looks, I learned not to show any harsh edges- smooth blending and good color transitions can make anything look good.


2.How do you decide what look to go for and what makeup you're going to use for that particular look?

It's funny because I actually don’t prepare makeup looks like that. If I see something that inspires me or appears to be a little difficult, I usually do it that day itself. I love experimenting with color and trying anything that looks creative. Halloween looks are my favorite, that's probably the only time I prepare what I want to do ahead of time.

Deciding what to use for a look, at least for me, isn't so difficult. I use whatever I have and the James Charles Palette has almost every color necessary to create the looks I want. Other than the basic makeup base, I also use some face paints and gemstones, but that's about it - nothing too crazy. I truly believe that you must work with what you have, and how you decide to use it is what will grab people's attention.


3. What are your favourite make-up brands and why?

I don’t have a favorite brand because I rarely stray away from my usual makeup supplies. But if I had to pick something, it would be the James Charles X Morphe Palette. The colors in the palette create endless possibilities.


4. What are your everyday makeup products?

If I'm going out, I always wear eyeliner, lipstick (Huda Beauty Matte Lipstick in the shade Pool Party) and highlighter. Foundation isn’t my favorite thing to wear since I break out very easily.


5. How has the ongoing pandemic affected your work?

The pandemic hasn’t really negatively affected my makeup page. I think a lot of my motivation got drained out at one point and being at home added to that, so I took a break from posting. But with the ongoing lockdown I’ve been able to do some looks and will continue to do so, especially with Halloween coming up soon. Because of the current situation, I have more time to work on makeup looks, so it's been both good and bad.


6. Any past collaborations/projects you've done?

I’ve actually done a few collaborations. I don’t usually take anything on unless I feel I can work creatively. I did two looks with Yashvin Senanayake (@itsyashvin) featuring Thanisha; a ‘mother nature’ collaboration with Minalee Madanayake (@minaleemad) and Alina (@ecoconscious.warrior), a christmas glam look with Satyn Magazine and a project with Spa Ceylon where I curated three halloween looks using their products.


7. What should Anisha's fans' expectations be for the future?

I can't say I have "fans," but rather "supporters." I am grateful to everyone who follows me and is always there for me.I rarely receive any hate. Expect some crazy and colorful looks, I would say.


8. Any social media platforms you use to promote your work?

As of now I only use Instagram and TikTok for makeup (@blendsbya). Additionally, I run a separate Instagram page where I post art content (@anisha_142). Except for the difference in supplies, creating makeup and art are pretty much the same for me.


9. Any advice for budding and upcoming make-up artists?

I always advise people to try to be consistent, posting on a regular basis if possible. It's perfectly okay to take a break if you need one! Staying consistent won't be a problem as long as you enjoy the creative process. You don't need a large makeup collection to start a page; just use what you have. Don’t be afraid of what others will say, just do it anyway! Everyone will always have something to say, which can be intimidating, but don't let that stop you from doing what you love. Continue to try, be yourself, and take your time to get comfortable posting online. Have fun and practice whenever you can.


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Shavinya Illankoon

I am an independent solo artist that debuted last October. I write lyrics, make my own music and collaborate with fresh and talented producers. I focus on themes such as Mental Health and psychological aspects of people in order to provide a voice to them and to let them know that we're all in this together and they are not alone.


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