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Aviraté - A Socially Responsible Retailer

Aviraté, owned by the leading Sri Lankan apparel manufacturer Timex & Fergasam Group, has trekked an impressive distance since it first launched in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 2010. It has, since, begun it’s own retail business, successfully journeyed to the Asia-Pacific region and further expanded to 5 retail stores in Sri Lanka and 12 retail outlets in India. Now, Aviraté is a brand well-known for its international recognition with loyal customers situated across the globe.

In 2018, Aviraté became the first Sri Lankan Retail Brand to achieve the “Garments without Guilt” certification, that was launched by Sri Lanka’s Apparel Manufacturers, across all their garments. This initiative was an effort to ensure that clothing with the tag “Made in Sri Lanka” upheld a certain standard of quality while also being socially and environmentally responsible. Through a series of verifications, it ensures that the working conditions of the labour force manufacturing these beautiful pieces are positive and ethical.

In order to qualify for the “Garments without Guilt” certification, Aviraté has implemented the following:

  • Free of Child Labor
  • Free of Forced Labor
  • Free of Discrimination
  • Free of Sweatshop Practices
  • Providing limits on working hours within those prescribed by the law
  • Guaranteeing workers the right to Freedom of Association
  • Requiring that workers receive all legally required pay and benefits
  • Ensuring that workplaces are safe, with specific requirement for the management of these issues
  • Responsible Environmental Practices

Aviraté portrays sensual collections that weave internationally recognised trends into a variety of lifestyle clothing that appeals to every woman’s fashion sense. In order to keep up with the evolving nature of the fashion industry, Aviraté continues to launch a new collection every month that considers the latest fashion trends and styles and compliments the femininity of all body types. Notably, their products range from day and evening wear, offering dresses, stylish trousers and skirts to tops, lingerie, accessories and footwear.

Their flagship store, situated at Maitland Crescent, resides besides the Aviraté Cafe. Impeccable pieces await within, yearning to be worn. Their wide range of styles is bound to grace your sight with all their glory. And if you find the perfect outfit but it’s a little too loose around the edges, you’ve got absolutely nothing to worry about. Why? Because Aviraté does alterations for free.

If you lead a busy lifestyle, better believe that Aviraté has got you covered. A quick dive into their website entails a plethora of options and styles that is guaranteed to snatch at your heart. If you’re not one to spend excessively on your wear, but you’d still like to look fantastic - Aviraté always has outfits on sale that are discounted to a price below Rs. 3,000 and even Rs. 2,000.

Despite their consistent launches, Aviraté has ensured that former pieces and styles from their myriad collections are still accessible. Although their stores may not display their previous collections, a quick scroll through their website enables its customers to order any piece that entrances them. As a cherry on top, Aviraté offers to deliver the goodies to your doorstep without any additional charges!

Aviraté has three main collections - Casual Wear, Work Wear & Evening Wear.

Casual Wear, swearing by a sunny day/ urban safari theme, comprises earthy and pastel coloured outfits that are blended with animal and floral prints. The product range includes blouses, flattering dresses, maxi dresses, casual pants, jumpsuits and tunics.

Work Wear, swearing by an appealing “smart” theme, comprises solid coloured outfits varying to black, white and navy, with the occasional blend of print. The product range includes blazer dresses, body-con dresses, formal blouses and pants.

Evening Wear is a limited edition collection, swearing by an intriguing “Lavish Eves” theme, that comprises beautiful hand beaded pieces that take up to 16 hours to make. The product range includes short dresses, gowns and blouses of red, black, mint, blue, purple and pink tones that cater every special occasion.

Additionally, Aviraté is at the brink of launching their all new 100% Natural collection, along with two new ranges - curvy and petite.

It simply cannot get any better than this, folks.


Ninuri Asalya

Ninuri is a Marketeer by day and a Welfarist by night. She finds comfort in writing, and has an overwhelming passion for animals and all things sustainable. While she composes articles that review brands, she also generates content that intends to educate Sri Lanka of its dire conditions.


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