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Bringing dreams to life - Bridal and Designer Wear made with Love by Amorine

To stand out and look amazing is not just a trend but a dream of anyone. From the saree you wear to the cocktail dress, when you walk into to a room, you want all eyes on you. This is the dream that Amorine Bridal and Designer Wear is devoted to achieving for each and every one, with their unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. These custom-made sarees, dresses and lehengas will not be recreated for another customer. It’s this one-off design that sets Amorine Designer Wear to stand out as truly unique.

Amorine from the Ground Up

Amorine Bridal and Designer Wear is the pet project of Hasanthi Hapugoda, a self-taught designer, who choose to pursue her passion of designing her own sarees. Learning the skills and the tradecraft from her mother, who was also a saree designer back in the day, Hasanthi’s skills were only available initially for friends and family until she took on the challenge and launched her own business. Fueled by her love and passion for saree designing, Hasanthi launched Amorine, in 2017. The word “Amor” is derived from Latin, which means love, highlights the love Hasanthi puts into designing each custom attire and is the reason she named her venture as Amorine.

With her launch, Hasanthi initially kept the focus on custom designer sarees. However, thanks to requests from many, already happy customer’s, Hasanthi expanded her brand to design custom bridal designs; be your style modern, traditional, classic, romantic or contemporary, she will design it for you.

The Amorine Lineup

Saree designers and bridal sarees are now a dime a dozen in Sri Lanka’s ever growing saree market. So, to stand out in this extremely competitive and glamorous line of trade, Amorine Bridal and Designer Wear uses their ingenuity and fine attention to details, where each and every saree that you get is handcrafted and is a one-of-a-kind designer piece that captures “your” dream and no one else’s.

Amorine Bridal and Designer Wear has a wide range of items to pick from. You can always go with a traditional Indian or Kandyan saree. If this is not to your taste, you can try and see if a batik saree suits your desire. If you are still not happy, then maybe a lehenga or a more wester style dress is something that will make you feel alive. But whatever you choose, the design is still in your hands. If you have a dream outfit, then Amorine takes the next step and based on what you like she would suggest how she can improve the design in a way that it will suit you and incorporate all the factors such as lace work, cut work, bead work and all embellishments to make the saree or dress one of a kind. Hasanthi and her team pride themselves in the knowledge that they can do hand painted sarees, custom designed batik sarees or uniquely crafted bead and lace worked dresses or lehengas.  

The designs and customized work is always in keeping with the latest trends and it will also be done to best suit you, so that you will always stand out. Even during the pandemic, when some brides decided to marry with the limited guests, Hasanthi and her team helped these brides to achieve their dream of simple elegance with custom bridal sarees that matched these requirements to a tee.

Amorine even provides their clients with the choice of several shops to buy material from as well so that everything is in keeping with your taste and budget. Of course, Hasanthi will come with you to help pick out the right material to ensure that your saree is nothing short of perfect.

Getting Dolled Out by Amorine

Because of the customized nature of each saree or dress, you are going to have to order ahead if you want to get that perfect outfit for any event. The best way to reach out to Hasanthi, is to message her through “Amorine Bridal and Designer Wear” Facebook page @AmorineColombo or their Instagram page @designsbyamorine or by giving a call to 0778168109

The usual time period for a bridal saree or dress is around 2 months, but it is recommended that you call a few additional months prior to make sure you can schedule yourself an appointment with Hasanthi. For a designer saree or dress the work can take from a week up to a month. This time includes the process of getting measured up, having the initial white fit-on, selecting materials and the actual process of designing the saree. Of course, to make sure that these designs are to your liking, you will get to sit down with Hasanthi and together design out the saree telling her all your likes and choices, so that she can make a bespoke design perfect for you.

Now, as each saree or dress is customized and the work and material required varies vastly, the time to get it done can change around and the rates too will depend on the design and the amount of embellishment work needed to be done. But all these can be discussed and worked out with Hasanthi after the initial discussion.  So, the next time you want that movie moment, where you walk into a room and all eyes turn to you, check out Amorine Bridal and Designer Wear and have then create that picture perfect designer outfit that will make you stand out no matter the occasion.

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