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Dazzling Up With Allure Crafted Silver

If there’s anything at all to know about me, it’s that I am absolutely infatuated with Silver jewellery. There’s an undeniable elegance to adorning Silver, and its tendency to complement and glamorize any attire is simply phenomenal. Accessorizing Silver into your wear, from minimalistic everyday jewellery to fabulous over-the-top pieces, can be quite the confidence booster. Fair warning, Silver has a way of melding its way into the core of your lifestyle.

I am thrilled to feature an interview with Avinaesh Kandasamy, the Executive Director of Allure Crafted Silver, a jewellery line that specialises in handcrafted Sterling Silver jewellery, often embellished with semi-precious stones and cultured pearls. Their pieces, ranging across earrings, rings, bangles, chains and pendants, have stunning and intricate designs that are conceptualised by their team of in-house designers, while drawing inspiration from the Sri Lankan ethnic heritage. 

To provide some insight about Avinaesh; he had lived in Australia for the past 7 years, during which he completed his University studies and worked as an Analyst, giving him a strong grounding to join the family business, Lalitha Jewellers. Avinaesh is extremely passionate about Allure and harbours strong ambitions for the up and coming brand.

The excerpts are as follows:

How was Allure Crafted Silver founded?

Our silver jewellery line was birthed in 2015 by Yasanthi Soysa Kandasamy. Apart from bearing the sometimes-challenging role of being my mother, she is also the designer and co-director of Lalitha Jewellers, a family-owned jewellery house which was started by my grandfather nearly 70 years ago.

Allure started as a passion project when designer Sonali Dharmawardena wanted us to create a silver line of jewellery for her new store at Park Street Mews. Silver jewellery had always been of interest to my mother as there is more freedom and flexibility that is afforded to the designer when working with silver, as opposed to the more expensive gold. 

What can you tell us about Yasanthi Soysa Kandasamy?

My mother is an eager traveller and a designer who is inspired by almost anything. She’s a creative soul, influenced by her father, who was a barrister by profession but was engaged in development work and was one of the core founders of the Marga institute. She had the opportunity to travel with my grandfather at a relatively young age, and the exposure to different cultures and environments at such a young age perhaps were the seeds of her creativity. 

Her jewellery designing career started as a hobby early on and now has been part of the creative team of Lalitha for over 15 years. The Allure creations are all her own and conceptualised at all hours of the day!

What distinguishes Allure Crafted Silver from its competitors?

Even though Allure Crafted Silver is a young brand and relatively new to the market, it has the backing of a near 70-year-old parent in Lalitha’s. It draws from that experience both in terms of design uniqueness and crafting skills that have been honed over the years. 

As of now, where are its products available?

We have three retail partners who carry distinct collections. Sonali Dharmawardena, Urban Island and Leather Collection. We also sell our complete collection on our new website and offer free delivery islandwide.

What additional services do Allure Crafted Silver offer?

Personalised notes and gift-wrapping options are available to those who are trying to give that special someone the perfect present. We are also launching physical and e-gift vouchers over the next month!

What can we expect from Allure Crafted Silver in the near future?

We have just launched our new website which features some exclusive new collections! These will be constantly updated over the course of the year, based on different events and seasons. We are also looking at unveiling our brand in the Australian market and are working on some exciting new collaborations with other brands and influencers both locally and internationally. Our team is driven to achieving our goal of taking our ethnic heritage inspired designs and crafting skills to the world!

There it is, folks! Make sure to follow Allure Crafted Silver on their journey on Facebook and Instagram. On a final note - in stating that their jewellery line consists of a whooping 925 piece, it’s safe to say that you can most certainly find your allure with Allure Crafted Silver.


Ninuri Asalya

Ninuri is a Marketeer by day and a Welfarist by night. She finds comfort in writing, and has an overwhelming passion for animals and all things sustainable. While she composes articles that review brands, she also generates content that intends to educate Sri Lanka of its dire conditions.


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