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Dressing From Head to Toe With Modern-day Fascinators

Fascinators are vibrant, wardrobe gems that will undoubtedly make an outfit super-chic while making a statement. They are very unique and dramatic headpieces attached to a clip or a comb, typically worn by Europeans. Fascinators are an integral part of British aristocratic weddings and formal gatherings. These are wardrobe essentials in the European culture especially when gracing various cocktail parties, garden parties, tea parties and soirées.

The Origin

The term fascinator originated from the Latin word ‘fascinare’ or ‘fascinatus’, which means bewitching, enchanting or interesting.

These decorative pieces were named as fascinators in the 1960s and were originally adopted in the late 1970s and 80s in London. They were initially made of the basics; lace, silk and net and they were comparatively much smaller in size. Presently, they are worn by royals and also widely used in the fashion industry as ornamental items. The intension of wearing a fascinator is solely for the purpose of decoration.

But due to the evolution of these eye-catching pieces over the years, ‘hatinators’ emerged in the early 2010s. Hatinators are an interesting combination of a hat and a fascinator, which is a piece of headgear that resembles the shape of a hat. But this provides more protection while covering most part of the head.  Hatinators are said to be most favored by Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Most of the British royals were rarely spotted without headgear up until the 1950s as the royal protocol states that the ladies belonging to the royal family should wear hats to all formal occasions. But some of the contemporary royals are witnessed wearing fascinators only at special, formal occasions.

How to pick the best fascinator?

When picking the best suited fascinators, the attachment that is used to fix it into the hair, plays a major role. Hair combs, hair clips or bands can be used here and the fascinator chosen also depends on the hair type and the length as well. There are different comb fascinators, fascinator clips and fascinator headbands available depending on the hair type and hair length.

How to style fascinators?

These crafty pieces can be styled with a veil and the glamour of fascinators always depends on the brightness of the color chosen. Pairing up a fascinator with a dress or an outfit that matches its color will show the true power of a good fascinator. Matching these with the type and the color of shoes and the clutch bag, will also be an effective way of formalizing the outfit in a way that it matches the social event. Dark hair color will suit more light colored fascinators, so that it will give a contrasting effect. Blond and lighter hair colors will always match fascinators with warm hues. If a single colored dress is worn, the shoes, jewelry and the clutch bag can be styled with a separate color. Resultantly this will make these iconic fascinators stand out. These can be worn on the side of the head and also can be worn on either side of the head. But it should be placed just above the left or right eyebrow of the wearer.

So this fascinating headgear surely speaks for itself and it also allows the wearer to freely express the individuality by showcasing different striking styles.


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