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Release Your Inner Fashionista!

Fashion is bold! Fashion is fearless! 

The styles and trends of the fashion market are dominating the world now more than ever before as it has been taken to new elevations among shoppers over recent years. Fashion has reflected a Noughties generation that is not afraid to say, think or wear what they want, jolting up confidence levels drastically! Vogue has not just become a means of clothing your body, but it has also become the essence of your personality, beliefs, and attitude towards society and culture.

Diving into the month of Vesak with a taste in unique trends, we at Hi!! Online came across yet another sprouting career woman who has always had the passion to start her own fashion brand since she was a little girl! Here is Thirandee Nilakna Premaratne providing a rather unique take on chic wear to the Sri Lankan Fashion World! 

After finishing up her secondary education while residing in Dubai, Nilakna moved back to Sri Lanka with her parents at the age of 18. At present, she is following up on a degree in Accounting and Finance while completing her ACCA Qualification on the sidelines. 

"I’ve been passionate about fashion and designing since I was a kid" she stated. Gifted with parents who are both inspirational and hardworking, she was wholly encouraged to begin a brand of her own. Nilakna had always dreamed of becoming a young, thriving entrepreneur all her life and by pursuing so, she gave birth to her fashion brand “Tee’s Avenue & Co.”.

Tee’s Avenue & Co was born into the fashion industry only five months ago. They stipulate a very likable service to their customers and are mainly focused on constantly updating and improving the fashion sense brought up in the 21st century! Being the founder of Tee’s Avenue & Co, Nilakna told us that she always ensures to design a continuous variety of unique fashion designs that fit her target audience. Her mission for the company is to provide an exclusive experience to dynamic fashion lovers as the leading fashion brand while maintaining its legacy; while her vision is to become a brand that defines global fashion luxury, respectively. 

Our talented Fashionista wanted her brand to contain a wide variety of different & unique styles of clothing compared to a usual fashion store. Her biggest form of inspiration were the vibrant and prismatic runaway shows that she’d watch on television; “they show an art which gives you a great sense of outfit inspiration” she mentioned to us at Hi!! Online. She even gathered information via research by inquiring her friends and family about the types of dresses they would like to wear but cannot be found in the local market. All in all, her mother has catered massive insights to expand her collection of ideas because she was a stylist herself- “I always saw her styling her outfits which were outstanding and appreciated by many”. Further, Nilakna disclosed how she usually pays attention to the way mannequins are styled in boutiques and designer stores when she goes out on a shopping spree.

Tee’s Avenue & Co’s launching line consists of three dresses which are namely the “Red L’amour off the shoulder dress”, “Smocked layered short dress” and the “Empire waisted short dress”. I had the absolute privilege of receiving two of their most popular dresses as complimentary and I genuinely have to mention how comfortable the material is! Their dresses are very elegant and fascinating, that you can wear them for any kind of occasion imaginable! Very worth wearing! 

They are currently designing some new styles for their upcoming collection which will include a brand new segment enthralled on linen and cotton. They also have a section of exclusive and casual dresses launching soon. 

We were quite interested as to how the name of the brand, “Tee’s Avenue & Co.” had been formed and Nilakna was able to give us with a crisp & precise explanation. “Tee is the short form of my first name” she stated. “It’s my most favourite nickname and holds a special place in my heart. I knew I had to include “Tee” somewhere in the name when I thought of starting up”. She included “Avenue” because it shows how she’s approaching a destination via her fashion brand. For Nilakna, the name & logo both create a very strong connection together, giving it a smooth and homely touch.

Although Tee’s Avenue & Co. is only operating in the local market at present, Nilakna is hoping to reach other countries and be among the top five premier fashion brands in Sri Lanka in the near future! She is also planning to open a few outlets around Colombo later on. 

 This incredible, power-grinding, hustler lady has a few words of wisdom to share;

“The most important form of advice is to do what you love. Always be passionate about what you’re going to start-up and look forward to making it a success. Always start small and build upwards slowly because then you will have the necessary ground knowledge about your business which will be useful when delegating tasks to your employees.

I think it’s also important to have a risk-taking mind-set because you should be able to sacrifice a lot to make your business a success. Lastly, always be confident and straightforward with your decisions because it will take you to great places!

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Shavinya Illankoon

I am an independent solo artist that debuted last October. I write lyrics, make my own music and collaborate with fresh and talented producers. I focus on themes such as Mental Health and psychological aspects of people in order to provide a voice to them and to let them know that we're all in this together and they are not alone.


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