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The Skincare Hype

During the recent quarantine period, many of us have begun to direct more attention and more focus
towards one area in particular - our skin. Although I took a liking to makeup, skincare was never really
my priority, mainly because initially, it sounded like a waste of my time and money. That would explain why I have really bad skin. I should’ve known better, considering my skin type being acne prone and being oily in general.

With us being bored out of our minds at home, we all decided to give various things a go. Whether it is
working out, cooking and baking, learning an aesthetic and so on - my friends and I decided to zoom in
on all our flaws and come up with solutions to fix it.

Now, to clarify - I am not a skincare specialist; but I have done my research. Some of these were picked up from the internet, while the others, from local skin care reviewers. Although the internet is the sacred learning
space, learning from the experience of local reviewers who share similar skin types and deal with the same tropical atmosphere is undoubtably more beneficial.

Some local skincare reviewers that I follow to know more about products and what might work for me
are: @skinbysn @skincare_reviews_sl @skincare_with_jey

One wrong move in skincare, could essentially create chaos. That’s why it’s crucial to always do
your own research and testing in addition to following up on influencers. On a side note, it’s best to test
the product on your hand before permanenting it into your skincare routine.

When you enter the world of skin care, you’ll realize that there’s more to it than just the infamous skincare
threesome: Facewash, toner and cleanser. There are so many products that could be incorporated into
your routine; it’s surreal. There’s, of course, no hard and fast rule where you have to bust a couple of
hundred bucks on every skincare product that exists. If you’re a amateur like I was a couple months back,
here’s how you decide what to do:

The step by step process to selecting your skincare products

  1. Identify your skin type - Oily, Sensitive, Combination, Dry or if you are God’s favorite - Normal
  2. Come up with a wallet-friendly budget that isn’t going to break your bank
  3. Know what ingredients work best with your skin type
  4. Start off with the basics - Face wash, Moisturizer, and Sunblock
  5. Add in a good face mask, exfoliator and serum to your regimen gradually

Skincare is a controversial topic. My best product could be your worst and vice versa. There’s really no
telling which brand or cream is going to work best for everyone. However, there are quite a few facts,
we can all agree on.

The indisputable skincare facts:

  1. Coconut oil is a food, NOT a moisturizer. Keep it off your face
  2. Change your pillowcases often. Wash it once or twice a week
  3. Don’t turn out your lights for the night without cleansing your face
  4. There’s no such thing as drinking too much water. Keep chugging
  5. SPF is your BFF
  6. Your neck belongs to your face. Don’t leave it out
  7. Sugar is only a temporary mood fix
  8. A little product goes a long way. Too much of something is never a good thing
  9. Don’t pick on your face.
  10. Exfoliation is important. Over exfoliation is the worst.

Now that I’ve guided you with the basics into skincare. Let me enlighten you with what my skincare
routine comprises of. The products I have added into my routine for the A.M. and P.M. are cost effective
and work best for me. They can also be found at any leading supermarket if you want to give any of the
mentioned products a shot.

1. Face Wash – JOVEES Tea Tree Face Wash

Tea tree is known for treating acne and fading out acne scars. I have been using this product for
quite sometime and it sure has helped me with keeping my face fresh and soft.

2. Moisturizer – POND’s Light Moisturizer

A popular myth that needs to be addressed is that oily skin does not require moisturizer. This is
FALSE. This moisturizer is light weight and it prevents your face from getting greasy or sticky and
due to it being a water based cream, easily absorbs into the skin. The Vitamin E property in this
cream helps keep your skin calm.

3. SPF – Fair & Lovely Sun Protect

This sunscreen is SPF 30 and works wonders on my brown skin. It leaves your skin glowing and
doesn’t feel oily or heavy on the skin.

4. Exfoliator – 4EVER Venivel 5 minutes Clean Up

A 3 in 1 formula; Cleanser, Scrub, Pack that is suitable for all skin types. It helps exfoliate and get
rid of dead skin cells, blackheads, excess oil and whatever gunk on your face.

5. Face Mask – DIY Orange Pulp

Vitamin C works wonders for your face. It protects the skin from UV damage and lifts away dark
spots. While you can incorporate a good vitamin C serum into your routine, I use the pulp of
homemade orange juice and pack it on my face for about 10-15 minutes. With this, you’ll start
to notice the difference after just one use.

6. Acne Cream – ACNES Scar Care

Apply a sufficient amount of gel on the affected area and watch how your scars start to fade.
The ingredients of this cream also contribute in preventing pimples and help smoothen out your

7. Lip Balm – Janet Natural Lip Balm

Never forget to include your lip care in your routine. Scrub your lips with a lip scrub before
applying the balm for a softer finish.

Expensive products don’t always mean that the products are good. Always keep in mind that all products require a minimum of one month for results to start showing. Skincare takes a lot of patience and effort. Phasing in and out of your routine will not help you get the desired results. As Erno Laszlo said, “Beautiful skin requires commitment, Not a miracle.” Make that your skincare mantra, and you’re one step closer to flawless skin.


Amra Yooseph

Amra is a full time sustainability auditor who makes time to follow her passion in journalism as a part time writer and presenter. Something she loves doing is meeting people and learning what their outlook on a given situation is. She also happens to be a big foodie and is always down for a good meal.


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