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Amoda Rathnayake Associates – Designing Luxury

Amoda Rathnayake Associates – Designing Luxury

From designing your dream home to designing the most innovative and captivating corporate spaces, Amoda Rathnayake Associates headed by Ms. Amoda Rathnayake, is one of Sri Lanka’s premier design and architecture firms.

Still not having even reached a decade of service, Amoda Rathnayake Associates (ARA) has notched up more than 100 successful projects in the corporate, hospitality and home design and architecture fields. ARA’s success was also confirmed this year as they won the award for , “Best Luxury Architect Studio in Sri Lanka” by Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021.

ARA took their first steps, with only Amoda and one other employee, straight into the deep end, as Amoda’s first project was a very large conversion project to turn an old factory into a bustling, state-of-the-art diamond manufacturing factory for a premier firm in the gem export industry.

The Climb to the Top of the Hill

Arts and crafts had never been Amoda’s forte. However, when looking at prospective higher study courses, Amoda found her calling in Interior Design and found creative and artistic skills she didn’t know she had. On completing her higher studies, she hit the ground running working with Murad Ismail and Channa Daswatte, where she caught her first major brake.

From here, Amoda Rathnayake Associates grew bigger and stronger, even venturing into the architecture and construction field in order to make sure that their unique and creative designs were built in just the right way.

One of the main challenges that faced Amoda and her design team was finding like minded architects and builders who understood her vision and were able to execute their ideas. This was why, to ensure that the designs came to life exactly as expected, Amoda launched her own construction company, Jaya Builders. With this step, Amoda was really able to push ARA to the fore front of Sri Lanka’s design and architecture field.

Amoda also credits her amazing team, with varying specialties, who all come together like one big family to drive ARA forward. Her informal, relaxed and open culture at work has nurtured a team who are like family to her and who consider ARA like it was their own business. She also credits her success to all those who helped her out as she first started off in the industry, from family, friends and to colleagues who were all immense pillars of support for her.

Designs of Luxury and Innovation

Looking at the works by ARA, “common” or “cliché” are not words that are going to come to your mind. To more accurately describe the work by ARA, you need to use words like “cutting edge”, “futuristic” or “inspired”.

ARA projects stand in a class of their own, taking in the client’s corporate identity and bringing them to life in ways that are unique to Amoda and her team at Amoda Rathnayake Associates. By looking at who their clients are, what they do, and by taking an in depth look at their corporate needs, the spaces and designs created by ARA are functional, practical but most importantly, they give their clients a new and unique corporate identity.

Even when it comes to home designs, there is nothing conventional about these projects either. Designing spaces that are a in a class of their own, ARA’s designs are both modern but uniquely in touch with nature and the environment around them. Amoda shared how the homes she designs take full use of natural light and ventilation, so that even on a hot Sri Lankan July afternoon, you could quite comfortably sit inside the house without the need for even a fan or any artificial light. From spacious rooms, to unique and captivating designs, a home by ARA defines luxury and elegance in a beautiful balance.

Signing Up with Amoda Rathnayake Associates

When you as the client come on board with ARA, all that you need to do is sit back, relax and watch a masterful design be architecture to perfection. At ARA, you as the client only need to express your needs and let Amoda and her team understand you as a person or a business. From there on, you get to witness some of the best in the business go to work. Starting with 3D models, you get to view your project come to life, even before the first bricks are laid down. From here on, there is little for you to do but watch as Amoda and her team set about to build your home / office or whatever other architectural construction you needed.

Taking nothing but the best and most modern approaches for the designs, the architecture and the entire building process, a project of ARA is nothing if it’s not on the forefront of building innovation and design. Even when it comes to home designs the approach is pretty close to the same. It’s only the end result that changes.

Take a Look for Yourself

Of course, you don’t have to just take our word for it, you can check out the different projects on their web page or through their social media pages; @AmodaRathnayakeAssociates for Facebook, @AmodaRathnayake on Twitter, @amoda_rathnayake on Instagram and @amodar on Pinterest. You can also reach out to her directly through the email address or numbers listed on the webpage to see for yourself how Amoda and her team can transform your spaces.

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