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Bling-Bling for Everyday Wear

Casual jewellery is not to be taken lightly. With the right assortment, it has the transformative power
to turn your casual outfit into a brunch outfit and more.

Jewellery is often the Midas touch on your look and is definitely worth investing in over time. While
there are endless options to choose from, investing in a few basic must-haves will elevate your look
making you look effortlessly chic.

Everyday jewellery must be comfortable to wear and be hassle free. So here are a few essential bling
bling for everyday wear.

1. Studs
A subtle stud which is either silver or gold will work wonders. It should be small enough to give that
little sparkle which will perfectly complement your outfit without distracting the eye from the outfit.

2. Hoops/Huggies
If you are someone with longer hair and want a more prominent spark wearing hoops or huggies is
the way to go. It accentuates the outfit with a touch of class while still keeping it casual. It’s ideal for
work and casual outings.

3. Bangle Bracelet
If you are wearing a sleeveless outfit and prefer to accentuate your wrists a single chunky bangle will
pair perfectly. For a more casual outing a stack of bangles is preferable. When it comes to bangles it
would be better if they are in colour rather than a simple gold or silver one, so as to make the outfit
pop more.

However if you are wearing a block colour like black, red, white etc. gold and silver will be more
prominent and accentuate your look.

4. Disc/ Bar Pendant Necklace
A disc pendant engraved with your initial or zodiac sign is a perfect way to wear a meaningful piece.
(Even a plain one is fine.) As it is the most basic shape it looks effortless and chic. A new emerging
trend is to wear an old crushed coin as the pendant. The best part is it is making a comeback in a big

A bar necklace is the next must-have as it easily pairs with anything. It would be even better if it is

5. Rings

A personal favourite of mine, because of their versatility. You can a have simple thin ring to wear
every day or large ones with stones to add an edge to your look. Best part is you can mix and match
so many and even wear it stacked or layered.

Like a disc pendant a signet ring is also a statement in itself. It works whether it’s glittering with
stones, shiny or bare.

6. Anklets
If you are someone who wears shorts or skirts often, owning some anklets would come in handy. It
adds a subtle touch of class and draws just enough attention to your legs. Gold or silver anklets are
ideal but if you’re going for a more fun vibe coloured ones are preferable.

7. Watch
Most often people don’t realize that a watch does in fact double as an accessory. This is one
accessory that allows you to showcase your individuality as there is an array to choose from and it
differs from person to person.

8. Handbag
Just like a watch, a handbag is unique to each person. Owning a basic colour like black, beige or
brown is advisable as it goes with any and every colour. However if you really want to stand out and
don’t mind investing in a few bags go for the not-so-basic but still common colours such as blue,
pink, red and green. This way you can mix and match and go for that contrasting look.

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Nikita Gomez

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