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Coco Veranda - Your Home Away From Home

Coco Veranda, a specialty coffeehouse & bistro, was founded with the sole purpose of providing its customers with a warm and welcoming home away from home. From the art nouveau inspired decor to the soothing music, Coco Veranda offers an ideal destination for fun-filled reunions, spontaneous outings and even informal business meetings.

It resides in the heart of Colombo 07 - eagerly perched amidst the frantic bustle of the city life. It beckons to the busy bees who are in dire need of a quick snack and a coffee break, and even to those who yearn for a stuffy meal. Its cuisine varies across 9 categories of beverages and 11 categories of dishes; so whatever the occasion may be, Coco Veranda is wholly prepared to cater to your every craving.

While the indoor setting is spacious and lively in itself, for those who prefer a sheltered outdoor setting, Coco Veranda has got you covered! Hand in hand with their Free Wi-Fi, Coco Veranda is, without a doubt, the place to go.

Of course, I had to test it out for myself first.

To commence, I dove right into the Seafood section. The “Thai Green Curry with Rice - Seafood” consists of a bowl of rice, a unique salad and a Thai-style green curry base adorned with prawns, cuttlefish, and mullet. The flavour of the curry is further enhanced by the addition of thai egg-plant, peppercorn, red chilies, carrots, and lime leaves. This dish is ideal for anyone in need of a nourishing breakfast or quick and healthy lunch.

The second dish headed our way came from the Meat & Poultry section. The “Chicken Satay with Saffron Rice” consists of saffron rice, meaty chicken satay in kebabs, and a delicious side salad. This, too, is ideal for anyone in need of a nourishing breakfast or quick and healthy lunch, but more importantly - it is unbelievably ravishing.

The “Pesto Pasta”, my personal favorite, consists of a penne pasta bathed in a pesto sauce made of basil and olive oil. This green goodness is served with two pieces of garlic bread that simply embraces your taste buds. Three words - To. Die. For.

The next dish is just the thing for my vegan/ vegetarian and health-oriented friends. The “Classic Couscous” is, of course, straight out of the Vegetarian section. It consists of Couscous, which is known for its calorie-friendly nature, and a red vegetable mix curry that is just daringly heavenly. Healthy and absolutely amazing - what more could one ask for!

Last but not least, is a dish that’s undoubtedly a favorite - “Onion Rings”. These classic batter fried onion rings are served with Coco’s very own special barbecue [which I can’t get enough of, and I guarantee that you’ll feel the same way] and is ideal as a quick, crispy snack. A definite must-try.

To wash it all down, Coco Veranda offers a wide range of beverages, and of course - coffee.

Coco Veranda uses Filicori Zecchini beans from Bologna Italy to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Filicori Zecchini, a brand that’s just over a century old, utilizes the very best blends of Arabica and Robusta green coffee to produce the highest quality beverages, which is in fact certified by the National Institute of Italian.

So, of course, I hit it off with the coffee.

The “Cappuccino” led the journey. Straight out of the hot beverages section, this caffeinated goodness warms up your insides in the most blissful way possible. For those who are pleased with simplicity and elegance, this is just the drink for you.

“Blue Ocean Mojito”, from the Virgin Mojito section, is a sweet concoction of lime with the most flawless gradients of blue. The sips are thrillingly refreshing and just perfect for the warm weather.

“Peach Iced Tea”, from the Iced Teas section, is a definite must-have. The meer sight the chunks of plump peaches swirling about the honey-infused drink is beyond enticing. This fruity beverage is bound to entrance your taste buds beyond your wildest imagination!

If you’re one for Hot Cocoa, oh boy, do they have the drink for you! Coco Veranda offers the grand “Hot Chocolate” sprinkled with floating Marshmallows. It’s absolutely divine and entirely satisfying.

And finally, the most delicious sin of all - the “Deluxe Brownie Frappe” from the Frappe section. In order to whip up this beauty, Coco Veranda bakes a sheet of brownies, severs a piece and blends 75% of it into the drink while leaving diced chunks of the rest on top. And yes, it is as good as it sounds.

Despite having an extensive menu, Coco Veranda continues to introduce a new item into their portfolio every month. If all goes well, an item gets added to the main menu at the end of each year! On top of that, Coco Veranda is at the brink of launching a kids menu, along with a sweet surprise for their 10th year anniversary this March!

Needless to say, anticipation is reigning high, and I, personally, can’t wait to see what else Coco Veranda brings to the table.


Ninuri Asalya

Marketeer by day and animal welfare activist by night, Ninuri would juggle her two passions on a routine basis. While she writes articles that review companies, brands and persons as a means of marketing their unique characteristics and values, she also generates content that intends to educate Sri Lanka of its dire conditions.

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