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Happy World Animal Day!

Colombo,  4th October 2021

Statement from the Global World Animal Day Ambassador

World Animal Day is celebrated globally on the 4th of October.  However, animals should be celebrated everyday!

Every animal has a right to coexist together with us and be treated with love, respect and the right to live a free life. In contrast, while many animals in our homes may lead comfortable and happy lives, there are thousands who are deprived of freedom and suffer immensely at the hands of humans.

I believe today should be a day of great reflection on the numerous ways we can move forward regarding improved animal welfare, a much needed change in so many industries. While captive elephants, lions and other wildlife are trapped in zoos and used for our entertainment, our wildlife is in dire need of help to minimize the human-animal conflict, and even man’s best friend is suffering in numerous pedigree puppy mills around the country. We cannot forget the millions of animals who suffer due to inhumane conditions in the food industry.

The need for strict laws is urgent – laws that will hold people responsible and have the animals’ best interest at heart. It's the only way forward for a harmonious and just Sri Lanka; a Sri Lanka where both people and animals are valued and can live a happy life.

Otara Gunewardene

World Animal Day Ambassador


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