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The 6th International Conference on Future of Women 2023

The 6th International Conference on Future of Women is to be held at the 5-star hotel Taj Samudra in the heart of Colombo on the 23rd and 24th of February, addressing the subject 'Empowering Women, Powering the Future'. The conference will bring together a wide range of current international research, perspectives and case studies in a hybrid platform (a combination of online and in-person participation). Parallel sessions will provide numerous opportunities for interaction and networking, and publication of papers will follow.

With a wide variety of events including keynote speeches by prominent researchers, group discussions, research presentations to panels, storytelling, workshops, networking and more, Future of Women 2023 aspires to provide a central forum for exchanging and exploring the world's current ideas on the subject and an opportunity to debate recent findings, suggestions, and visions in the field.

Understanding Women’s Empowerment

Recognition of women’s capacity to make their own decisions and their entitlement to have a voice in shaping their communities and the world at large may be seen as a basic human right. Such recognition, along with promoting women's feelings of self-worth, are in fact key elements in creating a more just and successful society. In recent years, movements dedicated to empowering women and advocating for their rights have attracted widespread attention across the globe.

Likewise, events such as International Women's Empowerment Day are gaining popularity and spotlighting critical matters like gender equality, violence, reproductive rights, workplace disparities, fair compensation for equal work and other issues of importance to women.

The bottom line is that women will only realise their full potential when they become involved politically, culturally and economically. They may then be better able to feel secure, happy and valued in their daily lives. The point is that by participating in economic decision-making – at all levels, from the home to international institutions – women around the world are making a huge difference as they put their talents to use in contributing to economic well-being, a reduction in poverty, and greater self-sufficiency.

The Future of Women 2023 and its Agenda

This two-day conference aims to bring together current research on women, inequality and social exclusion and to discuss policies and other measures aimed at promoting and encouraging women's empowerment. It will examine some of the pressing issues facing our world today while acknowledging today's inspirational women who are breaking down boundaries and empowering others.

This is an exceptional opportunity for researchers and students in relevant fields to become part of a future-oriented agenda, celebrating and examining how far women have come today and what the possibilities are for the future, whilst keeping in mind the realities of the present.

Topics of interest

  • Women and health, maternity and paternity leave, constraints for single mothers
  • Diversity in political representation, women in power, politics and decision-making
  • Under-representation/misrepresentation of women in the media, movies, and literature
  • Women and the workplace, gender pay gap
  • Gender-based violence, women in armed conflicts and crises
  • Institutional mechanism for the advancement of women, education and training of women

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