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The Oscar Binge

March 28th is the day of Oscars, a must-watch event for movie fanatics worldwide. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences revealed the nominees a few weeks ago, and the pictures in contention were in par, keeping fans and critiques on edge. The films had a vast range, from science-fiction to festival documentaries.

Here is the list of the films nominated for the Best Picture at the Oscars and catch up before the ceremony. Spoiler alerts ahead!

The Power of The Dog

Directed by Jane Campion

A Western psychological drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst. The plot is written with the focus on a domineering rancher struggling with his masculinity and the changes in the lives of those who he holds close.  


Directed by Kenneth Branagh

A British coming-of-age drama that relates the story of a working-class family in the 1960s in Ireland during The Troubles. The film is inspired by the events from Branagh’s real life, making it a semi-autobiography. It follows the story of a nine-year old and how his world turns upside down with the event surrounding him.

Liquorice Pizza

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

An American coming-of-age comedy drama film that portrays the story of two teenagers growing up and navigating life and love in the San Francisco Valley in the early 1970s. Starring Alan Haim, Cooper Hoffman and Sean Penn, the film is a masterpiece.

King Richard

Directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green

An American biographical drama written by Zach Baylin stars Will Smith and tells the story of the father of tennis superstars Serena and Venus William’s father and coach, Richard William. How the players became who they are today through hope and belief is portrayed through expert storytelling.


Directed by Dennis Villenuve

An adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction novel, Dune, the film is the story of the son, the heir of a noble family with possession of the most valued resource in the universe, and his struggle in protecting it, while caring for those who nourish it.

West Side Story

Directed by Steven Speilberg

An adaptation of the 1957 musical, the film explores the love and rivalry between two street gangs run by teenagers. Starring Ansel Elgort and Rachel Zelger, the movie is storytelling at its finest.

Don’t Look Up

Directed by Adam McKay

The comedy-drama film follows the story of two astronomers who noticed a meteorite moving in, colliding into the Earth’s orbit ending life as we know it. It is a powerful portrayal of the systems placed in the world.

Nightmare Alley

Directed by Gulliermo Del Toro

An Americal psycological thriller film that tells the events in the life of Sam, a carny who is a dangerous man. How his life changes after meeting a female psychologists is narrated through powerful cinematography.


Directed by Sien Heder

The story of Ruby, A CODA (Child of Deaf Adults), is a drama that narrates the life choices she has to make in order to save her family business and achieving her dreams of becoming a musician.



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