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Vanilla French Nails VS The French Manicure

It looks like the ‘Vanilla girl ‘ beauty trend is here to stay throughout the Spring and Summer. We’re talking about a more natural look, from our hair and make-up to our perfect manicures, with Vanilla French nails putting a slight twist on the classic French Manicure.

This pretty, luxe but minimalist effect embraces a softer, more elegant-looking nail. Unlike the traditional French Manicure, in which the tips of the nails are painted white, the Vanilla French uses a toned-down, milky, off-white polish. It’s more transparent, resembling your nails' natural colour, thus giving the nails a more refined and expensive appearance.

Oddly enough, the term ‘vanilla’ is often used as slang to describe something boring or unremarkable, yet there is absolutely nothing plain or ordinary about this combination of beige, wheat and creamy ivory tone. The look smacks of sophistication.

How to achieve 2023's biggest nail trend

The Vanilla French is particularly attractive on women with long, oval or almond-shaped nails because it draws attention to the ends, making the nails appear longer and thinner. However, anyone can carry it off successfully by following these simple tips:

  • First, ensure that your nails are clean, all the same length, buffed and shaped, especially around the cuticle area. Don’t forget to soak your cuticles before pushing them back.
  • Next, assemble all the items that you will need. These are: a clear protective base coat; a nude, sheer pink or peachy nail shade that's close to your natural nail colour and skin tone; a fine nail brush; a pearly white shade (slightly transparent); and a top coat.
  • Now, to work. Apply the base coat and let it dry completely before covering your nails with a glaze of the nude nail polish.
  • Once dry, press nail tape firmly to the tip of your nail, choosing a straight or curved strip depending on the shape of your nails. Having the polish curve with your natural nail will make your nails look longer.
  • Paint the exposed tip of the nail with the milky shade you've chosen or – to achieve the Vanilla French haze – apply another coat of your selected nude shade over the entire nail.
  • Seal with a thin layer of a shiny top coat.

So how are they different from a Frenchie?

Well, the truth is that Vanilla French nails still follow the guidelines of a traditional French Manicure. However, unlike a traditional French Manicure, which is characterised by sharp lines and a bright white tip, this new style is softer and more subdued, creating a more contemporary impression. Basically, you paint your nails in muted shades and use a lighter, softer, peachier colour for the tip, as opposed to the pink base and stark white tip of the conventional French Manicure.

Here's the thing, though: there are no hard or fast rules when it comes to beauty mania! Vanilla French vibes may be the vogue right now, as they look super flattering and are easy to create at home, but you should also feel free to experiment. You’ll enjoy learning what looks particularly nice with your skin colour by trying different polishes and techniques.

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