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Sunsilk Hairstory

A girl’s hair is much more than what meets the eye. If a person’s eyes are the windows to their soul, their hair is often a reflection of their personality and their journey through life.
Often, a girl’s most defining moments are reflected through their hair. Whether it is a thrill of a brand new haircut, making the choice to cover it or simply growing it out – a person’s hair offers powerful and endless possibilities of expression. Your hair acts as your canvas for life. 
This year’s Sunsilk Hairstory explored the versatility of hair as a mode of expression. The global hair care brand partnered with hair and beauty expert Ramani Fernando to showcase how a hairstyle can impact a person’s mood and emotions or how hair can reflect a person’s mood and emotions. The event focused on four moods – joyful, confident, dreamy and brave – showcasing a total of 24 hairstyles to reflect these themes.
“Hairstory is about feeling good in your own skin and creating your own unique identity through your hair. As a brand, Sunsilk constantly emphasizes the limitless possibilities girls possess in all aspects of life. Sunsilk facilitates hair as a powerful mode of self-expression as it is an integral part of each person’s personality. It gives women the confidence to experiment with their hair and shows how your hair can be your biggest strength,” explains Nilushi Jayatilake, Marketing Director, Personal Care, Unilever Sri Lanka.
“Hair acts as a mode of self expression and sets the entire tone for your appearance. Even subtle cadences in an everyday hairstyle can depict a range of emotions. This year’s Hair Story is significant as it reiterates how your hair affects your mood and vice versa, empowering women and impacting the roles they play,” noted Ramani Fernando.
Sunsilk has been at the forefront of hair and beauty in Sri Lanka, leading the girls to achieve their limitless possibilities and has led the conversation on styles and hair care practices which suit the unique textures of Sri Lankan hair.

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