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Talin Silva
Unveils her plans on working with Disney

With a larger than life stage presence, juvenescent performing prodigy Talin De Silva of Sri Lankan origin is on a mission to achieve stardom. Living and working in Los Angeles the mecca of show business in the world, 16 year old Talin is a gifted singer, dancer and actress. She has appeared in music, dance and fitness videos and also performed at the Nickleoden’s Kids Choice Awards in addition to playing roles in hit TV series 24, Southland and Jessica Darlings IT List amongst others. Now shifting gears from acting and dancing to her first love, singing, Talin has signed to Parimore Entertainment and is finishing her EP “Right Now” which will be released soon. This dynamic performer is also in talks with Disney and will soon reveal her plans once the deal has been signed. A creative performer in every sense of the word her dynamic talents are guaranteed to propel her to international stardom.
Text Tina Edward Gunawardhana

How did you get into the performing arts?
When I was six years old I took part in my 3rd grade talent show where I did my first singing performance. Ever since that day I knew what I wanted to do as a career.

What professional training have you had in acting, singing and dancing?
In acting I have trained with the industry’s top coaches such as Harriet Greenspam of Nickelodeon and Alexia Robinson of Disney. I have also attended some of the best workshops in the industry. I still continue to take classes and workshops to keep my acting skills sharp. In dancing, I have trained with the biggest names in the industry such as Emmy winning choreographers Nappytabs, Wildabeast, Matt Steffania, Dave Scott and also trained with Ariana Grande’s choreographer Brian and Scott, Nick Demora who is Justin Bieber’s choreographer and many more. In singing I have done vocal training with Seth Riggs who was Michael Jackson’s vocal coach, Chrystal Wilson and KJ Rose who have worked with some of the premier artistes in the industry.

It is notoriously difficult to break into show business in LA, how did you manage to?
It’s extremely difficult because there are so many amazing, talented people out here and it is very competitive. It took years of training and overcoming many obstacles to achieve what I have done in my career so far. At the age of 16 I am fortunate to have been blessed with drive and ambition which constantly pushes me to reach the next level.

Which noteworthy artistes have you performed with?
As far as my singing career goes I have had the opportunity to open for Trevor Jackson, Diggy Simmons and Jacob Latimore. I performed with them at the age of 13, which was a huge accomplishment as an artiste.

What have been your performing highlights so far?

In dance the highlight was when I danced for Kids’ Choice Awards and performing at the Oscars.

You are also an actress. What plays or movies have you acted in?

I have been acting since I was six years old and I am represented by one of the best agencies in the country. I have been on many hit shows like 24, Southland, Private Practice, Children’s Hospital, Nickelodeon on Web Heads and Jessie on Disney Channel. I have also starred in many feature and short films as well as many national commercials such as Microsoft and more.

Which is your personal preference. Acting, singing or dancing?
I love everything but I think singing has taken over my career.

Which performing artiste are you inspired by?
In music my inspirations are Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Rihanna because they are all so confident in what they do and bring something special and unique to the stage. Their performances inspire many others including myself to be just like them.

What projects are you currently working on?
I am currently working on releasing my EP in March as well as new songs in the studio. A project with Radio Disney is also in the pipeline and I am getting ready to release my clothing line.

What is it like going for auditions in Los Angeles?
Going for auditions in Los Angeles you are always bound to get caught up in LA traffic so you have to leave early to make it to your audition on time. Getting late is not acceptable. In LA auditions go at a very fast pace and in this business you always have to come prepared. Also it’s very competitive because there are many great actors auditioning for the same role as you so you have to give it your 110%. This will make you stand out from the rest.

Who are you represented by?
For acting I am represented by one of the top agencies, Momentum Talent Agency and for dancing I am represented by the top dance agency in the country called Bloc and for singing I am signed by multi platinum producer Andrew Lane who has worked with some of the biggest stars today like Mary J., Becky G, Hannah Montana, High School Musical, Ross Lynch , Snoop Dog and many more.

What is the name of your latest song/music video?
My newest single that I just released with a music video to is called “Vanish”.

What is it about and where is it being aired?
“Vanish” is about forgetting about a boy who had made some mistakes and now trying to get back with his girl. He needs to vanish because she is done with him. This was just released on my Vevo Channel on YouTube where you can check it out.

What words of encouragement can you give to other youngsters considering a career in Performing Arts?
Some advice to the younger generation is to always work hard towards what you love to do. Don’t just do it for the sake of doing it. Do what you love with a purpose and passion. In this business there is going to be some challenging moments where you just want to quit but you can’t because quitting is not an option. Have the right positive attitude that you can do anything you set your mind to and you will achieve success.