Danu Innasithamby

Head of Channel Hi!!TV

Hi!!TV is brought to you with a wagon load of love!!! Celebrating everything that makes Sri Lanka iconic and talented individuals that make her a star, is the Hi!!TV agenda. Switch on to Hi!!TV to kick the bad news grouch under the couch and tune up the fun. Join Hi!!TV to be a part of our entertainment extravaganza where we have events, talents, fashion, music and everything else in between covered for you!

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Rishini Weeraratne

Editor, HI!! Online

Rishini Weeraratne, an alumna of Wycherley International School, Colombo holds an LLM (Masters in Law) from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London (UK) and an LLB (Hons) Law Degree from Kingston University, UK.

At present, she works at Wijeya Newspapers Limited and is the Editor of HI!! Online, the Consulting Editor (Social Media) - Daily Mirror Online, Lankadeepa Online, Tamil Mirror Online, Editor, WNow (Sinhala) and Editor, WNow (English). Rishini is also a Director of The Colombo Lifestyle Company; an event management and PR consultancy firm launched in 2011. The firm recently won the international bid to host the Mrs. World 2021 international pageant in Sri Lanka in June 2021.

Rishini has also previously worked as a Business Development Consultant for Wizcraft International Entertainment (India) and The International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) in 2010 and 2011, and has also worked as an Event Consultant for Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau (SLTPB) and as a Consulting Co-Editor of Amazing Sri Lanka; a magazine published by the Western Province Tourist Board.

Rishini has also worked with brands like Odel, Cotton Collection, Moët and Chandon, Bio Foods, Phantom Films (India), GAIA Skin Naturals (Australia), Crocodile Clothing, The Design Collective, Raw Mango (India), Royal Enfield (India), CIMB Bank (Malaysia) and GFlock Clothing (Sri Lanka), to name a few, prior to joining Wijeya Newspapers Limited. She has also consulted for Destination Film Shoots in Sri Lanka including Bollywood Blockbusters, Bombay Velvet and Ready.

Hirushi Jayasena

Associate Editor, HI!! Online

With her passion to educate and create, Hirushi explores multiple avenues including Media, Fashion, Music and Education. With her global experience in Humanities, Psychology and Business from the University of Central Florida, Harvard and the University of Wales, she aspires to shape society through content creation, social welfare and art. With her media experience on National Television and Industrial exposure as a musician, she is excited and determined to make bigger and better changes with her team!

Heleen Wanigasekera

Fitness, Nutrition and Lifestyle Curator

Heleen, 40, is a working mum based in London whose passion for eating healthy and staying fit arose after the birth of her son. A proponent of disciplined fitness regimes supplemented by holistic lifestyles centered on healthy eating habits, Heleen disapproves of quick fix fad diets, and believes instead in wholesome meals paired with dedicated training. Fit mom Heleen is a testament to the fact that one can juggle motherhood and work, yet still manage to work out and train hard. Heleen leads an active yet balanced life and amdist her busy work schedule she finds time to workout six times a week. Apart from staying healthy and working out, Heleen makes it a point to “find time to follow fashion and read widely as well as watch a movie here and there! That said, I love a tub of ice cream when no one is around and do have little treats here and there which I make for myself or the whole family with healthy ingredients”. Heleen’s approach to health and fitness without compromise is fun, yet simple. She hopes to inspire young women and anyone to live a fit and healthy lifestyle without having to resort to extreme diets or short term fixes.

Chamari Perera

Fashion, Cuisine and Lifestyle Curator

A “child psychologist by day and blogger by night”, 29 year old Chamari lives in Paris - the world's most visited city - with her husband. Her interests lie in Lifestyle, Fashion & Cuisine and she enjoys “the finer things in life to keep my sanity intact. That is to say handbags and shoes and all things pretty”. Chamari is also the face behind the hand painted clothing line “Sparkling Brush”. The accidental blogger, Chamari began documenting her fashion escapades because “every time I was at a fashion event, a frequent question I was asked was my connection to the fashion industry. Since my real job has no connection whatsoever to the fashion industry I would always meet with rather questioned faces”. She has since been chronicling her experiences and sharing pictures with friends and family. Chamari plans to catalogue her unique take on Lifestyle, Food, Fashion and everything in between.

Gayle Gunawardena

Travel, Lifestyle and Cuisine Curator

Born and raised in London, Gayle, who has a background in Law and Finance, is passionate about food and travel. Living in a cosmopolitan city with “an almost unlimited supply of new and established restaurants to dine at” Gayle enjoys savouring new cuisine. She also enjoys travelling, and since she's based in the UK, where travel to Europe is cheap, easy and convenient, delights in quick weekend getaways to picturesque locales like Italy, Netherlands and Eastern Europe. As curator, Gayle will provide insight on all things London - the food, the history, things to do, sights and sounds. She will also be documenting her travels with the Hi!! Community - “this year alone I've been to Japan, Italy and Spain with Zanzibar and Amsterdam to go so there's lots to share!”.

Dilani Wijetilaka

Fashion, Events and Lifestyle Curator

Dilani was born in Sri Lanka and moved to the states with her family when she was 2 years old. She lives in Manhattan, New York where she now pursues an illustrious career. Dilani kick started her career at NBC Sports before moving on to the E! Network where she rubbed shoulders with the Kardashians, the Jonas brothers, and the Real Housewives, as well as fashion icons like Hailey Baldwin, among others. At present, Dilani works as an Advertising Executive in Times Square selling television and online commercials from major brands like Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, Paramount and CMT. She currently resides at the heart of the cultural melting pot that is New York City, a locale that is well placed to cater to her whims, fancies and inspirations. Her passions include travel, fashion, food and culture, which she will document as curator. After all, New York City is a vibrant city where “everyday there’s a new place to see or experience to be had”. Dilani’s trained lens will provide an unprecedented insight into a plethora of unique experiences, with an occasional cameo from her Pomeranian puppy, Mila.

Yasara Abeynayake

Regional Curator

Born and raised in Sri Lanka, Yasara has traveled to almost every nook and corner of the island. After completing her studies in Sri Lanka, she enrolled at a prestigious University in London where she graduated with a BA in TV Production and Creative Writing. She has worked in the television industry in both Sri Lanka and UK for over a decade and kick started her career at ITV London. Travel and Cuisine being her two passions in life, Yasara makes it a point to explore at least one new international destination each year and she says that it, ‘has given me the chance to travel to different parts of the world and experience different cuisines, fashion and culture.’ After her marriage to the Former Rugby Captain of Sri Lanka, Yasara moved to the beautiful hill capital, Kandy. Having lived in cities all her life, Yasara describes this move as being ‘a real breath of fresh air’ and it gave her an opportunity to explore and discover a whole new city in the island. Today, Yasara is a walking, talking encyclopedia of information pertaining to Kandy. She has ‘discovered all the little restaurants, hotels, boutique stores, coffee shops, galleries and hidden quaint villas and more,’ and she will be sharing all the secrets with HI!!  

Nadiya Fernando

Fashion and Beauty Curator

Nadiya Fernando is a pro-certified make up artist and the owner of The Wax Museum; one of the island’s most sought after hair and beauty salons. Nadiya has worked overseas including at London Fashion Week and was also instrumental in creating some stunning looks for the 2019 edition of the HI!! Best Dressed magazine. With an excellent eye for contouring and colour Nadiya’s talent has made her a role model for many aspiring make up artists. Nadiya comes on board HI!! Online as a Fashion and Beauty Curator.  

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