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Words: Tiranya Yalindee Ranasinghe

Perched gracefully on Marine Drive’s stretch, there’s a one-of-a kind café called Kaapi. With the beach just across, and the tranquil atmosphere of the street, you simply can’t overlook this lively and colourful space.


1. Ham and Cheese Roast Paan

This sandwich is versatile enough to be enjoyed at any time of the day. It’s not overly heavy, making it perfect for breakfast. Likewise, it’s not too light, making it satisfying enough for lunch. Bonus: it complements any evening drink perfectly.


2. Mint and Lime Juice

This mint and lime juice is the perfect choice to beat the heat. It strikes a great balance between sweetness and tangy flavour, and the mint lingers pleasantly in the aftertaste. The addictive flavour will have you craving another sip in no time.


3. Mac and Cheese with Crispy Chicken

When you think of mac and cheese, the conventional flavours typically come to mind. But Kaapi sets itself apart. The rich flavour of the cheese is expertly balanced by Kaapi’s special seasoning, while the chicken stands out in a class of its own. The infusion of peanut flavour and the delightful crispy texture combine to create a fantastic explosion of taste.


Tiranya Yalindee Ranasinghe

Encountering soul-stirring stories, good food and unseen places is Tiranya’s favourite part of being a writer for Hi!! Magazine. To her, conversing with people from different walks of life, capturing their story and relaying it to the audience feels like an art of its own. Simultaneously, she is almost nearing completion of her L.L.B and hopes to become an international lawyer one day.

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