Paul Upali GouËllo

Adopted by a French couple when he was a few weeks old, Paul Upali Gouëllo recently returned to Sri Lanka in search of his birth mother. Inspired by the dancers of the French Opera and encouraged by his adoptive mother, Paul Upali had the immense fortune of being trained by the respected Jean Claude Gallotta, a famous doyen of dance in France.

    Harry Charles Purvis Bell

Harry Charles Purvis Bell was born in British India on the 21st of September 1851. He belonged to a ‘caste ‘ of Englishmen – or rather of Britons, for his great-grandfather came from Dublin - which regarded service in the East as the normal way of life.

    Camellia Hills

Perched high in the mountains of Sri Lanka’s central highlands, Camellia Hills is a luxury boutique hotel. Flanked by acres of tea estates, Camellia Hills situated in the picturesque hill station of Dickoya also enjoys a profitable vantage point which provides stunning views...