Amanda Jayatissa

Savouring her literary success as the winner of the prestigious Fairway National Literary Award 2018, Amanda Jayatissa cuts a victorious figure. Her first literary effort ‘The Other One’, is a Sci-Fi fantasy book which took her two years to write.

    Shelton Flamer Caldera

Nestled in the archives of the Flamer-Caldera’s family history lies the story of a man whose life embodied the kind of service and bravery equivalent to that of a mighty hero. His name was Shelton Flamer-Caldera.

    Kumu Beach - Balapitiya

Oozing with luxury is how one British broadsheet describes Kumu Beach and that’s certainly not an exaggeration. Straddling the south coast in Balapitiya, this 10 roomed boutique hotel is certainly in a class of its own.