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Autumn Lane Brings the Taste of the Season!

2020 has almost come to an end and it’s that time of the year again where we dust off our Christmas trees and everything has a hint of sparkle to it. Christmas is here, and we are nothing but excited to end this challenging year with a high note.

When we talk Christmas, we imagine ourselves indulging in the sweet aroma from the kitchen. Food makes Christmas better; warmer and when it comes to Christmas food, nothing gets better than Autumn Lane.

Autumn Lane is a home-grown business that specialises in all our favourite delicious Christmas goodies! Run by a Hashini, a mother while leading and empowering more women. This is much more than a business but something they pour their hearts and souls to.

Autumn Lane is famed for their eggnog and is an absolute must-try. It is rich and creamy, perfectly capturing the spirit of the season and undoubtedly, the bestseller. After all, what better compliments the season unless a glass of delicious eggnog? Apart from this they also create more desserts and sweets which are being released at a slow pace to make sure they come out perfect. They have started out with other Christmas must-haves such as Love cake and many varieties of cookies such as chocolate, peppermint, eggnog and our favourite, sugar cookies which are absolutely picture perfect and would make an Instagram-worthy Christmas spread! 

As a homegrown brand, they are sure to add a touch of love and care to all of their products. They are invested in researching and finding the best ingredients you can find in Sri Lanka to meet the requirements of their customers. Being foodies themselves, they make sure to get their recipes right every time. Hygiene and cleanliness take priority and everyone at Autumn Lane goes the extra mile to serve the customers the best this festive season.

Although their prices are more towards the higher end of the spectrum, they make sure each rupee you spend is well spent as you try their delicious food. They use premium and high-quality ingredients to create all their products and Hashini swears by not compromising the quality of the products. She is extremely thankful for her customers who appreciates the high standards she has set with no hesitation.

As you plan on spending this Christmas with your family, don’t forget to add the taste of Autumn Lane to make it a truly remarkable holiday. Don’t miss out on their creamy eggnog, rich love cake or the cute sugar cookies. They are absolutely must-haves this season!

Autumn Lane Christmas goodies are available on their Instagram page Autumn Lane. Check them out here:

Have a blessed Christmas!


Lihini Welagedara

Lihini is a creative writer with a love for all things food, fashion and culture.


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