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Quarantine Tales from the kitchen – Edition 02

Frozen Irish Coffee

One thing that I missed the most during the first part of lockdown was my cup of coffee on the go. While quarantined, I searched for many coffee recipes that would wake me up and keep me going for the rest of the day. Finding ingredients for my cafe-style coffee was a challenge but after spending a lot of time on food websites, I found Frozen Irish Coffee: the perfect blend for the longest of days. 

I love this coffee because it is great for lazy mornings and for a chilled out evening with family or friends alike. It is super easy to make and delicious to drink. 

What you need:

Black coffee

1 cup of sweetened cream

50ml Whiskey (optional)

150 ml melted chocolate

Chocolate shavings (garnish)

How to make:

First, brew a pot of black coffee and pour it into an ice cube tray along with half of the sweetened cream. Let them sit for about three hours in the freezer. 

Then, whip what is left of the sweetened cream until it is solid and soft peaks are formed.

Once the coffee and cream are set, take the cubes of coffee and blend them well and then take the cubes of sweetened cream and blend them with the coffee. You can decide on the number of cream cubes you want to add depending on how you take your coffee.

(I like my coffee extra creamy so I have a 2:1 cream to coffee ratio)

Once the coffee and cream is well blended, add the100ml of melted chocolate and the 50ml of whiskey to make it Irish.

Blend the chocolate and whiskey for another few seconds until the coffee is creamy, silky and frothy. 

Next is the best part of all; serve your delicious frozen coffee into a cups or mugs and take the half a cup of sweetened cream that was kept away. Put a spoonful (or two) of cream on top of the coffee.

As an additional step, sprinkle some of the chocolate shavings on top before you serve to make the coffee insta-worthy!

And there you have it, your delicious cup of frozen Irish coffee minus the hassle of waiting in line and paying more.

Until next time!


Lihini Welagedara

A 21-year-old copywriter in the making; specializing in cause marketing, striving to make a difference through my work in advertising. I am a mental health advocate, an animal lover and an art enthusiast currently fattening my piggy bank to travel the world.


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