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Traveling Post Covid19

Covid-19 had all of us stuck at home reminiscing about past holidays and making plans for future travels if and when it was safe again.

I was stuck at home with a 2 year old and 6 month old baby. Since both of them are at high risk, going on holiday was not an option. Thus, during the lockdown I did a lot of thinking and came up with a plan to do a corona safe holiday. This meant that it had to be different from what we usually did. After a lot of research I decided that the safest would be a holiday bungalow or villa. I felt that going for these options will reduce their chances of getting exposed to large crowds.

We decided to head towards the hills as we needed a change of weather. I found a beautiful little farm house in Ambewela and thought it might be nice for the kids to be in that environment after being stuck at home for 3 months. I checked with the property and they informed me that the bungalow was located on a dairy and vegetable farm.

We arrived at this beautiful, homely farm house located right next door to the New Zealand Farm in Ambewela. The bungalow had three bedrooms which consisted of two double rooms and one twin room. It was a cute little cottage like those you get in HBO movies. It was cosy, extremely clean, spacious and simply lovely.

They have a fully equipped kitchen, living and a dining area. I picked this place because you have absolutely no interaction with anyone. You can take your own food and cook easy meals in their kitchen or you can hire a daily cook from the village.

We decided to cook ourselves as we thought it was safer than getting someone from outside and it was quite fun. The caretaker would provide us with a large bottle of fresh cows milk from the farm and it cost only Rs.100/-.

The highlight of the property had to be their beautiful log outdoor seating area overlooking the uninterrupted views of the Ambewela farms. They set up a bonfire in the evenings and you have the option of having your own BBQ. We did just that with the gas BBQ grill they provided.

They do an excursion to an absolutely beautiful and secluded stream nearby. You need to do a 20 minute hike through the farms to get there but it's totally worth the trip.

The Farmhouse is managed by Celeste Hospitality so proper cleaning and maintenance of the venue is assured.

My tip for a corona safe holiday would be to go for an option like this where you have limited interaction with the outside world. The only people at the property are the two caretakers who you really don't have any interaction with unless you require their service.


Yasara Abeynayake

Yasara has a professional background in television production and creative writing. She currently resides in Kandy and works as an administrator. She enjoys traveling locally and internationally and shares informative pictures and write ups on her travels. Being a mother of a toddler she also writes a mother and child blog with child friendly reviews and recommendation from her experiences.


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