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Food Studio - The Paragon of Food courts

Situated on the 3rd floor of Colombo City Center and the Lower Ground floor of One Galle Face Mall, Food Studio is not your typical food court. Consisting of a myriad of cuisines, irresistible aromas and an astounding setup, Food Studio has quite easily established themselves as one of the top dogs in the Food and Beverage industry. 

The diversity of cuisines, extracted from all around the world truly does take Food Studio to a whole another level. From street food to café’s to high end restaurants, it is all there! Fancy date night? A spontaneous meet up? Or even family time with the kids, Food Studio is the ideal place for you! As Food Studio is here to cater your every craving.

Hearing about Food Studio countless times made my curiosity go off the rails and my Budapest growl, Yes, I refer to my tummy as Budapest, as it is the capital of Hungary.

Puns aside, I had the privilege of visiting Food Studio in CCC and tasting ALL their cuisines. Yes, you heard me right, All.
Firstly, the arrangement and the setting was very unique compared to other food courts, there were different types of furniture and sitting arrangements for different occasions.

I started my review off by sipping on a fresh watermelon juice by the infamous ‘’Roots’’ , no constructive criticism to give as they never seem to disappoint me.

I laid my eyes upon my first meal, and I was salivating, could not wait to dig in as it was a portion of Crunchy Prawn Tempura Rolls from the heavenly Sushi Bar by Tokyo Shokudo. The dish consisted of Japanese sticky rice mixed with their very own sweet vinegar and hot crunchy prawns dipped in a very sweet yet distinctive sauce, I loved how simple it looked but how sophisticated it tasted, and just for Rs 1,280/= you got yourself a satisfied tummy. Fun Fact: I was not a fan of sushi until I sunk my teeth into those tempura rolls. 

Next, I was preparing myself to feast on this brand new dish called Nasi Bakar, which, in my opinion, is fit for a king. Hands down, my favorite dish throughout the whole review, as the flavor was something so foreign to my palette. I was given the choice to have chicken, beef or seafood and I was not hesitant at all to pick chicken and Lord Almighty! The aroma itself was mouth watering , the dish consisted of warm rice cooked in coconut milk with the restaurants very own sambal. You must be wondering what this place is, well, I  had to build a tad bit of suspense before I  reveal my new favorite restaurant, it is an Indonesian themed restaurant named Sumatran Spice, and I guarantee you, will take Sri Lanka by storm in the near future. Especially the sambal, I bought myself a jar of this sambal as it was absolutely delightful. Sumatran Spice, remember the name! 

Another dish that grabbed my attention was the Chicken Mala Hot Pot Set (Stir Fry) from China Express, the visual presentation itself made me gulp down the water I was drinking. 

I was given the gruelling task of picking the specific stir fried vegetables I wanted and the spice level I wanted the dish to be, all the Szechuan  spices were foreign and most certainly gave my taste buds a party of a lifetime. The dish costed just Rs 1400/= and is a fan favorite!

Of course! What is a food court without any Sri Lankan food?

Search for the words “Lamprais” in the  dictionary and it would lead you to Okra. I know for a fact that every Sri Lankan family has this one brown uncle who needs his daily dose of rice and curry, and just for Rs 600/= , Okra would make that brown uncles day!
I am quite evident that you have heard of The Sizzle, and if you have not, you are totally missing out! 

The Sizzle has been in this industry for the past 14 odd years and in my opinion, produces the best seafood dishes in all of Colombo, and the dish I was blessed with was a grilled fish fillet, consisting of a portion of  rice alongside a scoop of mashed potatoes and a variety of  grilled vegetables, topped off with a creamy, pleasing garlic sauce. Each dish mixed with a touch of elegance and finesse, The Sizzle’s all new outlet at Food Studio is undoubtedly a place to be. It presents an all-new menu of mini-meals and starter meals you will not find at any of their other outlets.

This goes to show that experimenting with food is something you HAVE to do! By experimenting new food, I guess you and I would both agree to draw the line at bats? 

Finally, we were served a dessert from the renowned Isle of Gelato, and I had a cookie flavored ice cream, which was the perfect ending to a very flavorful tasting session. I also had a bite off of my friend, Pavi’s caramel ice cream and persuaded him into giving me his caramel ice cream as well. It was other worldly! 

Next time you go to Isle of Gelato, make sure to try those two flavors out!

Finally, we were presented with a beautiful Blueberry Sorbet from Punch Island Bar, it was quite evidently love at first sight. It was quite a large portion and I had no difficulty “finishing it off” 

Have Rs 650/= and go to Punch Island Bar if you want to experience what I did.

This goes to show how unique and distinctive Food Studio is compared to the other food courts in Sri Lanka. Giving the customers a myriad of cuisines to choose from itself is a huge specialty in addition to that, there are eating competitions as well as quiz nights and band nights. Yes! You heard me right! Eating competitions as well as quiz & band nights. I know you’re more mind is more weighted on the “eating competitions” , I don’t blame you.  Furthermore, they just launched their very own online Whatsapp ordering system! A two step online ordering process that would allow you to enjoy whatever cuisine you want in the comfort of your own living room.

This is what you call a Food court 2.0. Feeling adventurous with your cravings? Go to Food Studio as they know exactly how to satisfy all your cravings.

Next time you go to the Colombo City Center mall, make sure to drop by at The Food Studio, you can thank me later! 

Await the next review written by my buddy, Pavidhara on the offering at the One Galle Face on the Daily Mirror newspaper supplement "Weekend Online".


Amantha Perera

Amantha is not your ordinary 18 year old. His life consists of an odd mixture of passions, such as music, composing, fitness, marketing and his newest addition - writing. He strives to write articles and honest reviews, thereby serving a peak behind the curtains for the esteemed readers. Guess song writing did come in handy after all.


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