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Jungle River Farm Giving Us a Taste of Nature

Christmas has always been my favourite time of the year. Not only because the whole Christmas feel, but also because it's the month of giving. I was gifted a wonderful hamper from The Jungle River Farm in Ginigathhena filled with the goodness of their farm.

Jungle River Farm is a place that sells unique local products free from additives and chemicals. They sell healthy items that are organic and good for your body.

My hamper came in a wooden box wrapped in cloth. They focus on environmentally friendly packing and zero waste. So it came with a note encouraging to reuse the box and cloth. We are now using the box for storage. 

They start off by giving you the gift of life. The first item I found inside the box was a Duriyan plant. I was given the option of selecting between a Duriyan plant and Lawalu plant. I went duriyan considering the popularity and price of the fruit. This would make an wonderful addition to my garden and I was pleased with the Duriyan plant as they are not common when gifting plants. 

The plant was followed by C4 grade mountain and forest grown cinnamon sticks which are sweeter that regular cinnamon, and so is perfect for deserts. 

Pomelo marmalade made on wood fire using cinnamon wood. This is something I had never tried or seen sold in the stores so I was interested in trying it out. 

Kithul treacle. I tried their kithul treacle the minute I got it as our home has alot of curd eaters. We love it! The fact that it's 100% kithul and does not contain sugar made it even better. They have a DIY sugar test shared on their Instagram page @jungleriverfarms on how to check if there is sugar added in your treacle. 

Their treacle is so thick and smooth they recommend we use it in smoothies or as a substitute for sugar or sugar syrup. 

Candied Pomela peels was another first for me. These peels have a 20% sugar content and the sugar is infused with cinnamon. 

Dried bananas slices was the last item in the box and was immediately enjoyed by my 1 year old son the minute I opened it, because it's made out of a mix of his favourite bananas Ambun/seeni etc. These banana slices are great for kids as they have no sugar and is made sweet by mixing various types of bananas. You can have it on its own as a snack, add it to deserts or even add it to sandwiches. 

The hamper is great to gift anyone who enjoys eating clean or suffers from diabetes as almost all their items are sugar free.

Every item in this hamper had something special behind it. 

I was delighted with this little hamper and will definitely order my favourites which were the thick kithul treacle for my curd and their cinnamon for our daily cooking.

You can find their items at the Good Market and other outlets which are mentioned in their Instagram page. 


Yasara Abeynayake

Yasara has a professional background in television production and creative writing. She currently resides in Kandy and works as an administrator. She enjoys traveling locally and internationally and shares informative pictures and write ups on her travels. Being a mother of a toddler she also writes a mother and child blog with child friendly reviews and recommendation from her experiences.


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