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THE CAULDRON – Chat, Chill, Work, and Collab with Novel Food and Drinks

A little way down Stafford Avenue in Kirulapone sits THE CAULDRON. Tucked away cozily, down a busy street, the little café is a great place to chill out, chat with friends, have a quiet day doing some work or a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of work for a little while. In addition to this, they offer some truly unique dishes on their menu. THE CAULDRON takes staples that we are all used to and gives these dishes its own unique delicious twist, to make them one of a kind.

Behind the Scenes

Founded by the young couple Tharanga and Dushanthi, THE CAULDRON creates a space for the ‘Dreamers’ and the ‘Big Thinkers’, where all good things combine. They now manage the café on its third successful year, together with their new partner Chamara, who is equally enthusiastic and likeminded. The highly motivated team including the manager, Sanjeewa, have worked passionately to develop and sustain what THE CAULDRON was made for over these years with immense passion and commitment.

The food and drink menu is built upon their own blend of culinary uniqueness. The secret, Tharanga said, lies in a lot of trial and some errors and some tweaking. Unafraid to put out bold new dishes on their menu, the couple gets the opinion of those around them, especially from their loyal customer base, to see what works and what needs a little more work. This is true not only for their food items but also for their drinks which hold some truly unique blends for all you coffee lovers.

Food Specialties

Everything made at THE CAULDRON is made with the highest quality raw materials. First priority is always given to local suppliers for ingredients to help the menu capture flavors that you wouldn’t normally be able to treat yourself to.

During the visit to THE CAULDRON, we were able to taste three of their specialty dishes and two of their coffee mixes. These really helped make it clear why they get such high praise from its loyal customers.

To try out these amazing dishes, we started off with their famous “Pol Roti Kottu” (Rs. 680/=). One of the most recommended dishes, the concept itself had me intrigued and eager to try it out. The vibrant dish was a treat to watch being brought up. Smelling the sweet aroma, I can definitely say that I was dying to try it out. The kottu, seated on top of an omelet, is served alongside their special Cauldron gravy and the whole dish was a treat for the eyes, nose and after a bite, it was definitely a treat for the taste buds as well. The thick texture of the Pol roti created a unique experience and the flavors that came together, easily met the high expectations I had going in and in fact it blew past it with ease.

After this we moved on to a dish that was a completely new experience for me. This was the “Veggie Life Bubble Waffles” (Rs. 800/=). Adorned with an assortment of vegetables and paneer, this dish is a tasty treat for anyone. It also means that for all those vegetarians, you do not have to worry about not having any tasty dishes at THE CAULDRON.

Finally, we sunk our teeth into the Christmas special. This was the “Hodge Podge Bun with Crunchy Chicken & Fiery Chili Jam” (Rs. 800/=). A mouth-watering burger with portions of fried chicken that were cooked to just the right amount. This dish is garnished with potato wedges that really helped wrap up the dish perfectly.

We also had the great pleasure of trying out some of their famous drinks. Firstly, we tried out the “Spiced Beetroot Latte” (Rs. 700/=).  Now, when I said the name to some of my friends, there were mixed reactions because of the Beetroot. However, the reactions were all unanimous when they tried out the latte and were immediate fans of the drink. Then we moved on to the next specialty item the “Pomegranate & Orange Cold Brew” (Rs. 800/=). With the coffee steeped in cold water overnight, the blend of Pomegranate and Orange give an unexpected taste to the drink that was quite tasty and zingy.

 Beside these, THE CAULDRON has some additional specialty items that really helps them stand out as a café. These are dishes like the “Umbalakada, Pol Sambol & Egg Fried Rice, Served with Cauldron Gravy” (Rs. 600/=) or the “Kochchi Chicken Waffles” (Rs. 600/=) which is a waffle stuffed with smoked chicken, cheese and kochchi. THE CAULDRON’s special menu also features unique drinks like the “Butterbeer” from the Harry Potter books, and since it is one of the few places that serves this, it is certainly worth going and trying it out.


The café has a great ambiance, and it is perfectly in keeping with its desire to be a place for people to come together, dream and innovate. The personality of THE CAULDRON is amplified by the customers themselves with paintings on the walls contributed by customers and music playing in the background consisting of local musicians, some of whom are customers. This does make THE CAULDRON probably one of the few cafes in Colombo playing local music on their playlist, though these days, it’s mixed with some Christmas classics.

The staff are always on hand to help you out with anything you might need, with a genuine interest to make you feel comfortable.  These all add up to make THE CAULDRON a place where you can quite easily spend your whole day.

We also asked about the health precautions in place due to COVID-19 and we were happy to see and hear that all guidelines from the government are being strictly followed. This applies not only for the customers but also to the staff and all 3rd parties coming into the café. This includes a sign-in book or you can even scan the QR code on entry. In addition, sanitizers are placed inside and outside the building. It is also recommended to reserve a space in order to make sure a socially distanced space can be organized for you.

How to Get a Hold of the Food

If you want to get your hands on these great food or drink items, you can obviously drop in at their café and either dine-in or take away. On the other hand, if you are not in the mood to travel about, THE CAULDRON is happy to deliver your food right to your doorstep (if you are within their broad delivery range), as the team will dispatch “Nimbus”, their faithful delivery motorbike. For this you can simply call them up or place an order online on their website  On top of this, THE CAULDRON is available on both Pickme and Uber for delivery as well. Also don’t forget to check out their Facebook page @thecauldronlk and their Instagram page @the_cauldron_sl to keep up with their new and amazing dishes.

The Wrap Up

To wrap things up, it is abundantly clear that THE CAULDRON is a must-visit-place for any foodie. It is also a perfect place for someone wanting to relax or get some work done. I would also personally recommend that you try out a new dish each time you come, because it’s quite possible you might end up changing your mind on what you like best each time.  



Deshan Ilangakoon

"A creative writer, photographer, traveler and cyber security professional, Deshan has worked with several local and international travel magazines and other sources, to publish stories and reviews of places, sights and experiences around Sri Lanka. He has a passion to share his experiences through stories and pictures of the wonders of Sri Lanka."


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